FIAlab Instruments Inc

FIAlab Instruments Inc

FIAlab Instruments Inc. was founded in 1987 and is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Flow and Sequential Injection Analysis systems and components. We offer a variety of automated systems for use in process/industrial, laboratory, field, and educational environments. Our systems are utilized for diverse applications such as on-line process monitoring, sensor development, and routine agricultural or environmental assays. Our systems have been sold and supported throughout the world for more than 25 years.

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14450 NE 29th Place Suite 113 , Bellevue , Washington 98007 USA
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Environmental Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)

FIAlab understands that during peak testing seasons laboratories need to run samples as efficiently as possible. That’s why we developed this speedy method for orthophosphate in soil samples. By using a high-efficiency heater and external sample pump, this method is able to achieve significantly higher sample throughput:

  • 4 samples / min or 240 samples / hour
  • Detection Range of 0.2-50 mg Phosphorous / L
  • Absolutely no loss of reliability or accuracy due to increased throughput
  • Compatible with Olsen and Bray extractions
  • Method easily configured and run in FIAsoft
Customized systems

FIAlab has worked with an extensive range of Fortune 500 and other companies customizing flow injection and sequential inject ion analyzers for, sample pre-treatment, on-line monitoring and process control.

Our Customers
Our products serve research and routine laboratories

in the pharmaceutical, environmental, agricultural, food and beverage, chemical, textile, power generation and electronics industries. FIA techniques are supported by a database of over  20,000 publications.