Fish Guidance Systems Limited

Fish Guidance Systems Limited

Fish Guidance Systems is the leading company in behavioural fish deflection and guidance systems, with 25 years’ experience, and installations in many parts of the world. We have developed unique systems using sound and light technology to safely deter fish, meeting both the operational and regulatory requirements of our clients. Typical benefits to our clients include protecting fish populations, optimising plant operational time and providing regulatory compliance. Acoustic systems have become the preferred form of fish behavioural barrier due to the high deflection efficiencies that can be achieved, and have the ability to deflect a broad spectrum of fish species. We have experience in both the protection of endangered species, and the deterrence of invasive species with systems that can be targeted accordingly. We have an experienced team of engineers, fisheries biologists and environmental scientists, who design each system to meet your specific needs.

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14 Matrix Park, Talbot Road , Fareham , PO15 5AP United Kingdom
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Leading technology for fish conservation

Fish Guidance Systems has specialised in fish protection since our establishment in 1994.  Since then, we’ve successfully completed many projects around the world using our innovative acoustic and light-based fish behavioural systems.

All our systems are designed in-house by our skilled research and development team, including engineers, fisheries biologists and environmental scientists. Every system is tailored to suit the requirements of each project and each particular site.

Our systems are suitable for:

  • Fisheries Management
  • Power Stations
  • Hydro-Electric Stations
  • Pulp & Paper Factories
  • Refineries
  • Drinking Water Abstraction
  • Invasive Species Management
  • Flood Relief
  • Inland Waterways
  • Irrigation Schemes
  • Marine Construction work