FishFlow Innovations develops and builds innovative fish migration facilities and protection systems. Our mission is to contribute to solve migration barriers for fish and prevent damage to fish through our tailor-made products. All our products have been developed with particular attention for the natural preference and behaviour of fish. The focus of FishFlow Innovations on the natural behaviour and preferences of fishes results in the development of facilities that fishes eagerly utilise and that enable passage without injury or mortality.

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Dissel 4 , Medemblik , 1671 NG Netherlands

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Environmental - Ecology and Nature Protection
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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FishFlow Innovations offers the following fish-friendly migration facilities:

  • the siphon fish ladder
  • the siphon eel ladder
  • the fishway for pumping stations
  • the fish-friendly screw pump
  • the fish-friendly turbine
  • the screw pump annex hydroturbine
  • the fish-friendly axial pump
  • strobe lights for fish deterrence
  • the fishsafe cooling water intake (rotary drumscreen)
  • the guidance system for hydropower stations
  • the airlift

Concern about fish mortality in pumping stations
During a visit to a pumping station in 2002 Marcel Klinge, fishbiologist at Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers, discovered large scale fish mortality at the station. Shortly afterwards he expressed his concern about fish mortality in pumping stations to Gerard Manshanden, professional fisherman at Lake Usselmeer. Gerard told Marcel that he happened to just have had an idea for a fishpassage to safely guide fish around the potentially lethal pumps of pumping stations! They decided to work out the idea together. The cooperation has resulted in the construction of the first 'fishway for pumping stations' in the Meerweg pumping station, near Groningen in the conservancy area of the Hunze en Aa's Waterboard, in 2005.

FishFlow Innovations B.V.
The cooperation between G.A.M. Manshanden Productie B.V. and Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers has been formalised In a joint-venture. In October 2006 the company FishFlow Innovations B.V., of which both G.A.M. Manshanden Productie B.V. and Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers are shareholders, was launched. As of January 1st 2012 FishFlow Innovations will be fully owned by G.A.M. Manshanden Productie B.V.