Flexicisternas - Reimpar Geoinstalaciones

Flexicisternas - Reimpar Geoinstalaciones

We are the first Spanish manufacturer of flexible pillow tanks used to storage big or small liquid volumes (water, waste, slurry). We act as consultants to your needs analysing and providing you with the best solutions to help you expand your business. Because its ease of use and installation, the flexible pillow tanks, Flexicisternas, can be used as mobile deposits with the objective of placing them on different places according to the moment or the needs. We have different standardized sizes for different volumes and surfaces. Furthermore, we can make bespoke flexible pillow tanks for the volumes or sizes that our clients require. Our flexible tanks are used for the storage of all kind of liquid products and efluents, covering needs in sectors such as agriculture, the industrial sector or services: - Storage of liquid manures - Storage of brine and industrial water storage - Control and regulation of leachates and slurry. - Potable and pluvial water storage

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Water Storage
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Internationally (various countries)