Fliteway Technologies, Inc.

Fliteway Technologies, Inc.

Fliteway Technologies, Inc.

Fliteway Technologies, Inc. is a family owned Wisconsin-based designer, manufacturer, and distributor of integrated environmental remediation systems, industrial control panels, and custom fabricator of steel, stainless steel and aluminum products. Our environmental remediation systems, including integrated systems and turn-key packages, is in widespread use throughout the United States. Our high quality standards, competitive pricing, and dedication to customer satisfaction has enabled us to continue our steady growth over the last fifteen years to become one of the market leaders in remediation equipment.

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2129 East Birchwood Ave. , Cudahy , WI 53110 USA
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Site Remediation
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Nationally (across the country)

Soil vapor extraction, known as SVE, is the most frequently selected method for treatment of contaminated soil at superfund sites, brown-fields, refineries, gas stations, dry cleaners, and grain elevators. It is a relatively simple process that physically separates contaminants from soil. As the name suggests, SVE extracts contaminants from the soil in vapor form. Therefore, SVE systems are designed to remove contaminants that have a tendency to volatilize or evaporate easily. SVE removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and some semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) from soil beneath the ground surface in the unsaturated zone-that part of the subsurface located above the water table. By applying a vacuum through a system of underground wells, contaminants are pulled to the surface as vapor or gas. Often, in addition to vacuum extraction wells, air injection wells are installed to increase the air flow and improve the removal rate of the contaminant. An added benefit of introducing air into the soil is that it can stimulate bioremediation of some contaminants.

Used alone, soil vapor extraction cannot remove contaminants in the saturated zone of the subsurface, the water-soaked soil that lies below the water table. At sites where contamination is in the saturated zone, a process called air sparging may be used along with the SVE system. Air Sparging means pumping air into the saturated zone to help flush (bubble) the contaminants up into the unsaturated zone where the SVE extraction wells can remove them. For air sparging to be successful, the soil in the saturated zone must be loose enough to allow the injected air to readily escape up into the unsaturated zone. Air Sparging, therefore, will work fastest at sites with coarse-grained soil, like sand and gravel. As with SVE, an added benefit of air sparging is that it provides an oxygen source that helps stimulate the bioremediation of some contaminants. Bioremediation is an innovative treatment technology that uses microorganisms, such as bacteria, that live in the soil or groundwater to break down contaminants into harmless substances. Air Sparging also can be a quick and effective treatment for VOCs in groundwater.