Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd

Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd has developed and patented worldwide, a new-generation irrigation system called the Floppy Sprinkler system. This revolutionary design concept has dramatically challenged conventional irrigation system designs used over the past 50 years, with 89% efficiency and up to 40% less water used per ton than conventional systems. Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd drives prosperity into the future by equipping the farming business with a successful solid set system to manage current and future land and water risks, boosting overall productivity.

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24 Murray St , Nelspruit , 1200 South Africa

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The Floppy Sprinkler is a unique and innovative sprinkler based on cutting edge technology and has been patented in 11 countries. Its origin lies in the successful creation of an unconventional emitter.

At the core of the sprinkler’s success is its flow controller which ensures a very accurate flow of water through the Floppy Sprinkler.

The sprinkler is made entirely from plastic and silicone and has no moving parts and thus requires no or minimal maintenance.

  • 90% application efficiency

  • 44% less water

  • Up to 43 % energy saving.