Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Fluid Dynamics is one of the UK's most experienced water conditioning and hard water scale prevention product manufacturers. Established in 1973 The only water treatment company whose products have been tested and proved effective under the US Government`s Green Proving Ground Scheme. With over 200,000 clients ranging from Coca Cola to Unilever to the US Airforce, and Cambridge University. Markets served include Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, the USA and Canada and Australia - Fluid Dynamics has distributors in more than 40 countries. Fluid Dynamics specialises in totally non chemical solutions to the problem of scaling.

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18 Cookham Road , Maidenhead , SL6 8BD United Kingdom


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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

Water Treatment
Guaranteed green technology for hard water scale prevention.

Scaling caused by hard water can be a major problem but it can be prevented without needing to use chemicals or water softeners that can be hazardous and cause pollution.

Scaling can block nozzles, coat pipework, clog up boilers and heat exchangers and cause substantially increased energy use.

Environment Friendly Treatment Systems
Our products Colloid-A-Tron, Scaletron, Magstream, Clearscale, MagCAT, BioKleen and Pooltron can be found in factories, breweries, chemical plants, offices, institutions such as hospitals and universities, supermarkets, restaurants on oil rigs and ships, in homes and protecting swimming pools. In addition water supplies for whole towns in Scotland, Ireland, Brazil and Argentina are protected by Fluid Dynamics scale prevention products. Over 200,000 of our products have been installed world wide. Users include Kelloggs, Ford Motor Company, Coca Cola, Unilever, Cambridge University.

Founded in 1973 Fluid Dynamics is one of the UK and Ireland's most experienced water treatment product companies.

With clients ranging from Thames Water to Pirelli, Carlsberg to the US Navy, Fluid Dynamics prides itself on being able to supply solutions to most water treatment problems.Markets served include Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, the USA and Canada - Fluid Dynamics has agents in more than 40 countries.

Fluid Dynamics specialises in providing unique technologies that provide environmental solutions.

Fluid Dynamics aims to provide a customer with a solution and build a long term relationship not just to sell a product.

Fluid Dynamics solutions include: (for further information on any of these just click on the category title)

Scaling caused by hardwater: Products that stop scaling caused by hard water without the use of chemicals.

Disinfection and sterilisation: Fluid Dynamics has a wide range of sterilisation products that can kill bacteria and make water safe to drink or for use in process systems.  Town water supplies or the home.

We are the worlds oldest and largest manufacturer of Catalytic hard water scale prevention systems with more than 200,000 units installed around the world.

We manufacture scale prevention products to suit our customers needs protecting:

  1. Simple pieces of equipment like coffee machines
  2. Hot water heaters
  3. throughout the home
  4. In commercial  buildings such as office blocks, schools, colleges , universities , hospitals and hotels treating among other things ( urinals, Toilets, hot water heaters, humidifiers)
  5. In factories, mines, oil rigs, refrigeration systems. Cooling towers, compressors. heat exchangers

Our clients include Kellogs, Ford, Unilever, Cambridge University, Pirelli, Mars. Thames Water. etc etc.

Through our 45 years of knowledge in the industry, we are able to supply a wide range of non-chemical water treatment products.