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Fluoramics, Inc. has developed HinderRUST, a solvent-free rust inhibitor, rust prevention and corrosion protection lubricant for your most essential equipment. HinderRUST is the perfect solution to rust and corrosion prevention as well as mechanical lubrication. Aerosol-free and odorless, our product can be transported on airplanes and used in confined spaces such as trains. Our product can help prevent rust and stop corrosion on machines large and small — from major equipment in factories to car engines. Frank Reick, founder of Fluoramics, Inc., and inventor of Tufoil, created HinderRUST, a product that takes a major step forward in the world of lubrication. After receiving his degree in Industrial Engineering from Syracuse University, Frank provided technical expertise to companies like General Electric, Diversified Technologies, and ITT. He also served as a technical consultant to a variety of high-tech companies.

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The notion of creating HinderRUST was conceived following a dangerous but common occurrence. The outcome of that eventful moment was a revolutionary product with the ability to keep the world of machinery moving and rust-free.

One morning, Frank Reick, the inventor of HinderRUST, was traveling at 60 mph in his Ford, along NJ Highway Route 17. As he attempted to decelerate the vehicle, Reick found that the brake pedal of his car went straight to the floor with no resistance. A notably experienced driver and airplane pilot, Reick swiftly responded to the situation and carefully maneuvered the vehicle onward, up the highway and managed to make it to the service center of choice, Bergen Tires, of Mahwah, NJ. The diagnosis: the car’s brakeline tubing had rusted out causing the brake fluid to leak out and resulted in non-responsive brakes.

While all of this was taking place, Reick could not stop thinking about all of the disastrous possibilities – what if the brakes had failed while his wife was driving the car? Whether unsuspected or undetected, corrosion on a vehicle’s parts could cause an incident like this for any driver, at any time.

Reick began to think critically about the general use of stainless steel in the manufacturing of automobile parts and the benefits of producing a product that could increase the longevity of these parts, thereby increasing the vitality of the entire machine. During this time, a distributor of Reick’s Tufoil company came to the office and expressed that he had a client in the car wash business, that was interested in purchasing a lubricant that would deter rust. This created the first demand for the future product.

Reick’s prior experience of working with rust gave him an advantage as he began pulling together his ideas on this project. Twenty years prior to beginning this project, he acquired an understanding of iron oxidation while working with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) of Brunswick, Georgia. At that time Reick created a lubricant that efficiently protected guns from corrosion– currently available by the name of Gun-Coat.

Reick set off to his lab, combining his award winning knowledge of lubricants with his comprehensive knowledge of rust to formulate one product with dual capabilities. He conducted over 100 experiments to perfect his formulations, surpassing by far the commercially applauded 40 trials. Approximately one year later, Reick came up with the perfect formulation that yielded a product that was not only an extraordinary lubricant, but also a phenomenal rust inhibitor. The birth of HinderRUST – revolutionizing the way the world moves!