Fluxinos Italia S.R.L.

Fluxinos began as a producer of stainless steel pumps, a tradition transmitted by the Mencarelli Milan pumps, her older sister. The life of a company is not only budgets, revenue and customers but also proud to have helped to produce something considered really important. however, it adds an important piece to its products and buy their own identity and ultimately with the design and construction of a single pump of its kind in Italy: a pump with photovoltaic panel wells. E `for this project that Fluxinos is known worldwide. A solar-powered pump that not only in the energy crisis may provide for drip irrigation of crops or contribute to the daily need for smaller and larger farms, but perhaps above all give help to those countries where water is not being but only wealth.

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Via Genova 8 , Grosseto , 58100 Italy

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Water and Wastewater - Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)

All these products, although different from each other, have in common the same construction philosophy that is represented by the wide use of the cold forging of medium stainless steel sheets and high thickness process.

Once you designed the pump proceed to the establishment of the necessary molds.

Subsequently, the manufacturing process, provides for the cutting of sheet metal strips and their cutting through special machinery to obtain the steel plate of the desired diameter that will be subjected to one or more of deep drawing steps (molding) with the use of the molds specially designed and constructed.

If we succeed with this our product to also contribute only minimally to the process of improving the social, economic and health and hygiene of these populations and we can really say we have definitely earned your trust and your estimate.