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FFT is a science based company formed 25 years ago with the mission of utilizing bio based materials to solve complex environmental issues. Using science, supported by data and facts, FFT has developed a broad set of products. FFT Products are designed to produce innovative solutions for the energy, agricultural, turf, and consumer industries. FFT utilizes a combination of bio based materials to formulate products that separate complex molecular chains into nano particles. FFT scientific innovations provides unique solutions to many complex environmental challenges. These innovative product properties, in a pH neutral form, provide a host of environmentally important applications in multiple industries.

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FFT Technologies is a science based company and an industry leader in developing powerful, cost-effective products that not only clean the environment but improve it.

The company was founded in 1991 with a simple goal: to develop a world-class set of products that could outperform the competition without harming the environment. An innovative goal which required a commitment to scientific development, an atmosphere of collaboration, and a willingness to hold the company to the highest standards. As the science developed it became clear the products could not only surpass industry benchmarks but redefine them.

The first product line offered environmentally friendly solutions for the FOG problem (FAT, OIL, and GREASE) found in municipal wastewater facilities. (The original name of the company was FOG-Free Technologies a nod to our success against FAT, OIL & GREASE)

The original solutions were so effective, the company became – and remains – the preferred provider for some of the largest municipalities.

The “Fog Free” Wastewater products, unlike most of the competitive products, is ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE, SAFE FOR THE PLANT EMPLOYEEES, and because it is manufactured from 100% plant materials it is A RENEWABLE PRODUCT.

The aftermath of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, FFT scientists saw a pronounced need for a non-toxic oil dispersant that would do no further damage to already compromised natural resources.

Using much of the same core technology of the FogFree products that are so successful in the Wastewater industry new products were developed for cleaning oil spills. FFT Technologies’ products can clean most spills faster returning the spill location to nearly pristine in half the time. Through several successful remediation projects, FFT has earned a reputation for excellence and distinctions including approval as the sole provider of oil dispersant for the nation of Aruba.

According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) there are over 100 oil spills in the U.S. every year. Most of them are cleaned with chemicals which are just about as harmfull as the original oil spill. FFT’s products are better for the environment and safer for the crews cleaning up the oil!

FFT Technologies has expanded this core technology further with Industrial Cleaning products, specific products for cleaning and laundry in the oil industry and are now expanding the technology into revolutionary solutions for the Turf market and into the Agriculture.

FFT-Turf is rolling out products which are non-toxic plant based solutions which support faster growth, healthier plants with no toxic residuals.

Early testing with some Golf Courses has demonstrated rapid improvements in turf quality and projections are for significant financial savings as well.

Early testing on crops has shown increased yields around 20% with one test experiencing an increase of 50%.

FFT Wastewater Products create environmentally safe colloidal suspensions made up of sub microscopic particles called Micelles. A Micelle is like a magnet, with one end having a positive charge and the other having a negative charge. When in solution these Micelles remain in continuous motion by continuing to repel each other. They act like a microscopic sand blaster continuously breaking apart the organic substance they are placed in contact with.

Because of their electrical charges, one end of a Micelle is hydrophilic (attracts water) and the other end is hydrophobic (antagonistic to water). When a Micelle comes into contact with fat, oil, or grease, it penetrates and the hydrophobic end bonds to the oil molecule. Now the oil molecule is bound in a colloidal suspension and con not attach to other oil molecules. When this action is multiplied billions of times, the fat, oil, and grease molecules become so diffused that they take on the characteristics of a water-soluble solution. This explains why our products have the cleaning ability of soaps, detergents, solvents, yet none of the caustic side effects. In fact, they are non-toxic, completely biodegradable, and made from plant based materials.