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  • Environmental Technologies

  • Forbes - Wet Scrubbers

    Forbes - Wet Scrubbers

    Wetted Packed Towers are the simplest and most commonly used approaches to gas scrubbing.

  • Forbes - Bulk Tank Vent Scrubbers

    Forbes - Bulk Tank Vent Scrubbers

    An economical range of standard bulk tank vent scrubbing systems designed to minimise environmental nuisance from the static storage and handling of fuming chemicals. All Forbes fume scrubbers are light and easy to install. Construction is almost entirely from polypropylene (PP) which is corrosion-free and require virtually no maintenance.

  • Forbes - Degassing Towers

    Forbes - Degassing Towers

    Degassing Towers from Forbes; A standard range of CO² degassing systems designed to reduce dissolved CO² economically with proven technology.

  • Forbes - Stripping Towers

    Forbes - Stripping Towers

    Forbes Stripping Towers are designed for the efficient removal of Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOCs) from groundwater. Strippers (2)VOCs, once in the ground, can be present for a very long time. Even when they reach an aquifer, the speed of flow is often measured in just a few metres per year. Contamination may be found by chance in springs and wells or when dewatering construction sites. Or it may be surveyed and quantified when pollution, recent...

  • Forbes - Carbon Adsorptiom Equipment

    Forbes - Carbon Adsorptiom Equipment

    Solvents, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants in the liquids or gas phase can be adsorbed onto activated carbon. The principle of adsorption is based on the highly porous structure of the granular carbon. Each gramme of activated carbon may typically have a total surface area, including all its internal pore structure, in excess of 1000m2.

  • Plastic Storage Tanks

  • Forbes - Thermoplastic Tanks

    Forbes - Thermoplastic Tanks

    Thermoplastic tanks are invariably most cost-effective when used as vertical self-supporting tanks and this format is also most economical for tank farms and bunding.

  • Innatank - Integrally Bunded Storage Tank

    Innatank - Integrally Bunded Storage Tank

    Innatank is a tank within a tank. This integrally bunded chemical storage tank is the ultimate in the secure, double containment of hazardous liquids. The sizes given below are our most economical suggested dimensions for a given volume. We can custom build a tank to your specific dimensions.