Solid state frequency converters are used for converting mains power (50 Hertz or 60 Hertz) to adjustable frequency & voltage AC power source to simulate any country`s grid power system to compatible with any appliances, especially the machine with electric motor inside it. By applying a solid state frequency converter, you can easy change 110V 60Hz, 120V 60Hz to 220V, 230V, 240V 50Hz and even 400Hz power supply.

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High Impedance voltage transformers - maintain available short circuit current, has to be kept well below 10 KA in order to meet with Residential installations (typical resistive). Typical Residential breakers for example are rated at 10KA AIC And if you have been involved in an arc flash (residential) you wouldn't be at the risk level arc flash as in a commercial/ installation. In commercial/ industrial installation we are only permitted 400 A single phase frequency converter and cost comparison for the equal is 200 A 3@. Add extra conductor but half the Cmil. The utility has to supply 3 cans (coils) for the second more efficient design by a factor of 1.73. However the equipment has to be approved.

In US we use the frequency converter 60Hz to 50Hz system that is the safest for home owners. I may not have survived the 'fork in the receptacle' as a 5 year old if the receptacle was two, or three, live phases as opposed to 1 live and 2 grounded conductors. I wonder how I bent the forks tines to match the receptacle, don't recall, remember the result clear enough. The question is a valid one in that 3 phase 50Hz frequency converter is a more efficient use of copper and cable. While that always applies electrically, it is only relevant under high current conditions relative to the cost of the 'excess' copper.

In a home power system the copper cost from the pole to the panel is a small part of the total capital cost of the 60Hz power system and adding just that third wire for three phase really drives up the cost.

I have a small mobile Laboratory built in the United States that requires single phase power supply at 220V 60Hz and 50 Amps.  The lab will now be operated in Guinea, west Africa that can supply 220V at 50Hz. I need a frequency converter that can handle the current. I try calling but no answer my problem is we brought a IG washer model # is wm3570h from the U.S. We live in Barbados the washer is 60Hz and Barbados is 50Hz can you please  help by letting us know what we should do or what to buy  When I turn on the washer on  it stays on for 2 seconds and then say PF which means power failure but there is no power failure, the house is new so the electrical wired are new. Follow us on Facebook.