Fritz Planung GmbH

Fritz Planung GmbH

Fritz Planung GmbH

For over 60 years the Fritz Planung GmbH has been a solid and progressive partner for both public and private contracting authorities providing solutions in the fields of construction, infrastructure and general interest services. The owner-operated company was founded by the engineering graduate Erwin Fritz in 1951. At that time the focal point of the company was the drinking water supply. Now approx. 80 employees from the fields of civil engineering, architecture, structural framework planning, outdoor installation planning, interior design, heating, ventilation and sanitary installations, electro-technology, technical building equipment, geology, and land surveying, provide solutions for planning tasks in the areas of construction, energy, and technology.

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Am Schönblick 1 , Bad Urach , 72574 Germany
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Service provider
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Construction & Construction Materials
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Nationally (across the country)
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Our architects and engineers practice their profession with the highest regard for professional and ethical standards as well as for fellow human beings and the environment. This requires technical expertise, economic efficiency, sustainability and ecological action.

Interdisciplinary teams develop and implement plans based on this sense of responsibility. A coordinated team of experienced project managers then provides solutions that are creatively designed, technically sound, and efficient. We process large and complex projects as a general planner and focus our attention on providing an integral plan that considers all aspects of modern technology. This standardized approach prevents losses due to miscommunication and roduces cost transparency as well as quality.

As a traditional medium sized company our goal is to remain a reliable partner for our customers in the future.

1951 - The engineering firm Fritz in Dettingen on the Erms specializing in the field of drinking water supply / wastewater disposal and development planning was established by the engineering graduate Erwin Fritz.

1960 and 1965 - Establishment of the Denzlingen office (today Freiburg) and Weil on the Rhein with the responsibilities of designing and supervising the construction of water supply and wastewater disposal projects.

1971 - Jürgen Fritz (engineering graduate) joins the engineering firm Fritz. In the years that followed the activity fields of the engineering firm were expanded to include virtually all areas of the building industry.

1976 - Based on the increasing number of employees the main office in Dettingen on the Erms was relocated to the new office building in Bad Urach.

1978 - The engineering graduate Fritz takes over management of the Fritz Planung GmbH as managing partner.

1990 - Establishment of the office in Aalen for engineering services and electro-technology.

1995 - Establishment of the Fritz Technik GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Freiburg for implementation of general contractor projects with engineering graduate Peter Eberwein as managing director.

2001 - The appointment of engineering graduate Robert Stärr, engineering PhD Eduard Leiber and business graduate Karl Schmitt as managing directors of the Fritz Planung GmbH.

2007 - Gabriele Fritz becomes a partner in the Fritz Planung GmbH.

2008 - Karl Schmitt is chief executive officer.

2011 - 60 th anniversary: Key developments SUSTAINABILITY and ENERGY EFFICIENCY.