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Frost & Sullivan enables clients to accelerate growth and achieve best-in-class positions in growth, innovation and leadership. The company`s Growth Partnership Service provides the CEO and the CEO`s Growth Team with disciplined research and best-practice models to drive the generation, evaluation, and implementation of powerful growth strategies. We leverage 50 years of experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies, emerging businesses and the investment community from over 40 offices on six continents.

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7550 IH 10 West, Suite 400 , San Antonio , TX 78229-5616 USA
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Market research company
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Globally (various continents)
Over 1000
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

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Frost & Sullivan is a growth partnership company focused on helping our clients achieve transformational growth as they are impacted by an economic environment dominated by accelerating change, driven by disruptive technologies, mega trends, and new business models. Our client's growth is achieved through the integration of these three value propositions:

Vision & Strategy

The ability to visualize and articulate a possible future state for an organization or company has always been a vital component of a company's transformational growth. Disruption of the global economy, industry, companies and investments make it difficult to prepare your company for the future. A  solid, realistic Vision & Strategy will enable you to build a growth pipeline of innovative opportunities leading to sustained, transformational growth.

Technology & IP

The rapid pace of industry convergence and the exponential creation of disruptive technologies are providing unprecedented opportunities. Competitive innovation is the cornerstone for every business and that leads to the development of intellectual property. Identifying, developing and leveraging innovation will give your company a competitive edge and solidifies your company's long term success.

Brand & Demand

Continually increasing competitive intensity creates infinite choices for consumers. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make your brand stand out in a densely crowded marketplace. Companies should be looking for ways to connect with customers and develop lasting loyalty with customers that are willing to advocate for their brand. Companies that focus on brand by effectively telling their story will increase demand for their products and services.

We are uniquely positioned and qualified to help your team create transformational growth strategies to survive and thrive in a business environment experiencing disruption, collapse and transformation. When choosing a growth partner we feel that these are the resources and skills that we bring to the partnership.
Convergence Expertise

The accelerating convergence of industries, disruptive technologies, mega trends and new business models are totally disrupting the value chain of virtually every industry. To survive that you need a partner who has research and analytical coverage of all 6 key perspectives as illustrated in our organizational chart below. 
Experiential Learning

All behavioral research shows that the most learning and change is driven from experiential learning.   We now see that the old model of research and consulting supports to clients was no where near effective enough in the best practices development and implementation of growth strategies.   Our new platform which integrates Growth Workshops, Growth Strategy Dialogs and Briefings are designed to bring your entire team through the growth cycle system.
Global Perspective

The challenges and opportunities in business today are virtually all global in scope.  To take full advantage of these opportunities you must have a partner with a true global footprint.   The Frost & Sullivan team is based in our 45 global offices and have developed a powerful global understandings of how industries operate on a global level.

Industry Coverage

A great strength of Frost & Sullivan is clients are not required to teach us about their industry, technology, or challenges.  Our industry research program which covers virtually all industries has been building its expertise for more than 50 years. This means we hit the road running and save our clients critical time and capital in their addressing their needs.

Visionary Innovation

To survive a company must grow and to grow it must innovate. We invest considerable resources each year to analyze best practices in innovation and we bring this knowledge to our client partners. Innovation does not just happen, it is a process and can be developed with the proper techniques and know how.

Three Value Propositions

There are 3 drivers of corporate growth and we have organized our global team around these.   They are:

  • Vision & Strategy
  • Brand & Demand
  • Technology & IP

When all of these 3 value propositions are optimized with our partnership we have seen our clients growth rate significantly accelerate.

At Frost & Sullivan we are a global family. Working and collaborating at all levels with people from all over the globe presents a unique opportunity for career growth and is the foundation of our rich culture. Everyone at Frost & Sullivan must align themselves with our Corporate Values, within the organization and externally at all levels of client engagement.

Frost & Sullivan Values

Olympic Spirit

  • Are result oriented
  • Take extreme pride in what we do
  • Have a strong passion for winning in the market place
  • Reflect excellence in our work and social interactions
  • Take complete personal responsibility
  • Treat company’s reputation as our own
  • Exhibit personal drive to lead and motivate others
  • Work hard and also have fun

One Global Team


  • Treat each other with respect
  • Leverage the strengths of our colleagues and collaboratively participate in potential market opportunities
  • Strive to achieve group goals by continually learning from one another through teamwork and sharing
  • Respect and value each other’s time, opinions, perspectives, skills and experiences
  • Do not discriminate or show favoritism
  • Do not spread negativity or partake in spreading rumors

Sense of Urgency


  • Believe urgency is a way of life for us, everyday
  • Are focused on the present and yet we keep an eye on the long term
  • Ensure our response levels exceed expectations
  • Articulate our goals clearly and know our priorities
  • Are willing to stretch our comfort zone and embrace change

Everyone Serves Clients


  • Think and act with our clients in mind
  • Collaborate with our clients as our partners, and commit ourselves to provide the best advice to positively impact their business goals
  • Aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering top quality deliverables
  • Handle any information provided by clients with utmost care and confidentiality
  • Respect our clients’ time – meetings, workshops, events, deliverables etc
  • Respond to client queries and concerns with timely, clear and concise information

Provocatively Challenging


  • Value disruptive leadership
  • Have a healthy disregard for status quo
  • Seek continuous self-improvement for ourselves and for our team members
  • Provide constant and honest feedback
  • Turn our challenges into opportunities

Being Significant


  • Leverage our research to innovate for a better world
  • Create rich and meaningful connections between our business and communities
  • Care about conducting our business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner
  • Value diversity in work place
  • Encourage better behavior for a better world

Vision - Supporting our clients on their journey to visionary innovation and transformational growth.

As we continue to invest in our ambitious journey, we commit ourselves the following 10 point vision and aspirational plan to making our company and our careers more significant than ever before.

Being Significant - We will be working with our investors, corporates, entrepreneurs and government leaders to ensure that all our projects are addressing at least one of the 7 global challenges we have targeted. Our aspiration is that all of our research, strategy and vision projects have a positive impact for both the client and the planet.

Visionary Innovation: Our Journey - The achievement of visionary innovation is the pinnacle achievement of all great companies.It entails the development of products and services which are years ahead of the wave of disruption and collapse which virtually all companies are beginning to experience today. We want to support our clients in discovering how to achieve “transformational growth”.

Convergence of Mega Trends, New Business Models and Disruptive Technologies - Convergence is accelerating change and greatly increasing risk to the incumbent industry players. This accelerating change is forcing the disruption and collapse of many industry economic models which means the only way to survive and thrive in the future is to invest in the Journey to Visionary Innovation. This journey provides the “transformational growth” which is needed to make the next generation of market leaders.

Investing in the Future: A New Methodology and Skill Set - The vast majority of companies are totally focused on now, survival and the next quarter’s business results. This is why when industry models change virtually all these players fail to survive the inflection point and suffer from “innovators dilemma”. To avoid the collapse or the “Kodak Moment” executive management teams must “Invest in the Future”. Investing in the future is not easy and is not understood by executives today. It is a specific methodology with clear tactics employed with frequency. This is not a secondary priority and it cannot be delegated.

Career Optimization: Relevancy through Best Practices - How do we optimize each career to ensure that all the time and energy committed to our company and our client companies are truly optimized. Today 87% of executives report that they do not feel their employer values, appreciates or shows gratitude for their contributions to the endeavor. We want to play a role in making sure that careers are positioned to produce great value in a changing global economy and that each career plays a vital role in the CEO’s Growth Team. Our Best Practices Research team identifies, analyzes and monitors the key career functions related to driving transformational growth.

Experiential Learning: A Mega Trend we will integrate - Success for our clients means that Team Frost has made a positive impact on their company through change and effective implementation. Over the years we have seen that the clients that derive the most impact from our work are the ones that engage both of our teams in every step of the process. The benefits of collaboration, co-ownership and curation with Frost & Sullivan’s growth workshops optimizes the impact from experiential learning.

Providing the Highest value to clients - The highest possible value we can deliver to our clients is Visionary Innovation. It is also the most difficult goal to achieve. It will take lots of time, creativity, teamwork, collaboration and investment in the future but, this is our aspiration. We want our clients to be Visionary Innovators. This is what we believe to be the highest possible value add for our clients.

Implementation Excellence: We want to lead from the front - The #1 Challenge reported by CEOs in our last global CEO Growth Survey was the overwhelming need to implementation excellence. Many CEO’s report their team could not implement a visionary strategy even if they had one. This feeling of hopelessness from the leaders of our organizations is being addressed by our Growth Implementation Services team.   We have seen first hand that the entire value of all of our work with clients is lost if we do not continue to partner with our clients through the implementation phase. We see it is a different skill set than research, vision and strategy and we are addressing it with a team totally focused on being best in class in implementation.

We want to make a totally unique offering to the world: Our Blue Ocean Strategy - The Frost Team has no interest in being a “me too” player. We have invested more then 50 years to create a powerful, valuable and totally unique value proposition for our clients. Our unique methodology of the “Journey to Visionary Innovation” combined with our unique research and consulting assets position us in our own “Blue Ocean”.

Leveraging the GIL Global Community Movement - The Frost Team believes that we have been gifted with a very unique and powerful opportunity to build a global community around Growth, Innovation and Leadership. We believe that we can harness the energy, capital, time and skill sets of this global community to leverage these assets to address global challenges. We have developed a GIL Global Community which has now attracted more than 1 million followers in over 150 countries. This community is called AGILE or the Association of Growth, Innovation and Leadership Executives.