Fucoli - Somepal, Fundição de Ferro S.A

FUCOLI – Fundição Conimbricense, LDA in the city of Coimbra, employing at the time 10 workers. In 1949 it started the manufacturing of material for the water nd sanitation sector. On March 2, 1957, SOMEPAL – Sociedade Metalúrgica da Pampilhosa, LDA is created in Pampilhosa, being dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of different types of valves. In 1990, FUCOLI, LDA acquires the share capital of SOMEPAL, LDA, and starts a series of relevant investments and alterations as it was necessary to provide to Clients products and services that could comply with the QUALITY/PRICE ratio. As such, the modernization of the manufacturing line is started, along with the implementation of the Quality System at FUCOLI and SOMEPAL, pursuant to the NP EN ISO 9002 standard. The certification was granted in 1996 and 1994 respectively.

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Apartado 467 , Coimbra , 3001-906 Portugal

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

Supported by a tradition of providing a good service to its customers, rooted in the quality of its products and compliance with delivery dates, FUCOLI-SOMEPAL, SA has created an image of excellence and a strong market position.
FUCOLI-SOMEPAL, SA share capital amounts to € 7,095,000, with an annual turnover of € 17,100,000. Annual production is approx. 15,000 tons, with 30% dedicated to exports.
The company employs around 240 employees and the plant facilities occupy a total area of 110,000 m², with 28,700 m² of covered area.
FUCOLI-SOMEPAL, SA produces and markets spheroidal graphite cast iron products (also known as ductile or nodular cast iron) of which the following products stand out:

  • Valves for water and sanitation: soft sealing gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, balanced float valves, penstock valves, flap valves;
  • Fire fighting network: Above ground and underground fire hydrants;
  • Fittings for water and sanitation networks: multi-material couplings, with or without grip system; connection joints; socket fittings for PVC and PE, flanged fittings and plain end fittings;
  • Closing devices for manholes: Covers and Grills
  • Gas network devices: Operation boxes and the company is currently developing a range of soft sealing gate valves and fittings for gas networks.

The Fucoli-Somepal products are produced according to the highest quality standards, in compliance with the most demanding international standards, with many products homologated by several international bodies, such as AENOR (Spain), CERTIF (Portugal), KIWA (The Netherlands), RINA (Italy). CE Marking is, obviously, applied to products when so required by legislation.Fucoli-Somepal holds the NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 14001 (Head office) certifications.


Our aim is to be the reference partner for all entities in the production and supply of cast iron products where Quality, Innovation, Environment, Safety and Health at Work and Social Responsibility, along with the application of the best techniques available, ensure the quality of our work, a sustainable development and a pro-active and responsible attitude towards society.


FUCOLI-SOMEPAL, SA intends to be a company of excellence in its area of activity, conjugating its technical, economical and financial performance with the sustainability principles.


  • Client satisfaction regarding its needs and expectations.
  • Prevention of pollution with reduction of environmental impacts.
  • Prevention of injuries and health affections, reducing hazards at work.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, standards and practices, either national or international, always seeking to go beyond simple compliance.
  • Continuous improvement of what we do, with determined goals.
  • Motivation and training of human resources.
  • Ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment for everyone, seeking to prevent all types of discrimination not related to the requirements for performing the tasks.
  • Payment of proper wages, pursuant to the area’s cost of life.
  • Continuously ensure practices that facilitate the coordination between professional and personal life.
  • Ensure the existence of an attractive work environment by guaranteeing reasonable working hours and banning all child or slaved labor practices.

In December 1998, a merger between FUCOLI – Fundição Conimbricense, SA and SOMEPAL – Sociedade Metalúrgica da Pampilhosa, SA, takes place, thus providing to suppliers and clients a large production unit with improved guarantees of continuity and growth, provided by the merger of both companies and the foreseen dynamic. The company then adopts the designation FUCOLI-SOMEPAL – Fundição de Ferro, SA. From that date on, the company has performed several investments both in equipment and in facilities, modernizing its production process.

In 2005, the layout of the company in Coimbra was changed with the replacement of the cupola furnace by electric furnace, more effective and with a less environmental impact.

The Pampilhosa plant has been progressively increasing its covered area and modernizing the equipment associated with the finishing of parts. The purchase of a painting robot in 2008 and the progressive installation of new machining devices for the CNC sector is noteworthy.

Being sustainable development a major concern of the company, FUCOLI-SOMEPAL, SA had this concern acknowledged with the certification of its Environmental management System for the Coimbra plant in 2009.
Also in 2010, the installation of a device for performing valve tests was implemented thus ensuring the quality of the valves for the clients.

Since 2011, the company has implemented the LEAN philosophy in the production and organizational process of the company. This philosophy, along with the modernization and automation investments made ensure high quality standards and a fast response to our clients’ needs.