Our purpose is produce a software and hardware products for the automation industry. Our products WinTr SCADA SOFTWARE, SCADA SYSTEMS and PLC softwares and Profinet, S7 MPI/PPI, Modbus and Host Link ActiveXs are completely ready to use. Speed ​​Plc is a complete system that allows you produce a PLC. It consists of Speed ​​Plc editor software (the program that runs in your computer) and firmware (operating system loaded in the chip or board). With Speed ​​Plc editor program you can prepare plc code in ladder language. The code you have prepared will be operated by the firmware. With the Speed ​​Plc editor program you can control all the features of Plc. Firmware is currently only available for Raspberry Pi. We will prepare the firmware for other boards and integrate it into the Speed ​​Plc system within a short time.

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Cumhuriyet mah. Bizimkent sitesi B2/11B blok , Beylikduzu , Istanbul K.4 D.27 Turkey

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Business Type:
Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems
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Globally (various continents)

Now only software products are sold in international market. Especially WinTr SCADA and Data Logger are very interested by the industry. We intend to present complete automation solutions by finishing PLC product.

We haven’t provide a positive response for the distributorship demands until now. For choosing the our distributors we have been waiting for the completion of the PLC project. Now we take the requests becuse of our PLC is about the finished. Please send detailed information about your company for the distributorship. Please resend your request if you applied previously.