FURUNO has decades of technical expertise in marine Radar development and is the clear leader in this industry. FURUNO, in close collaboration with many universities and other business organizations has now developed Radar solutions for meteorological monitoring and analysis. FURUNO`s high resolution, compact X-band Doppler Weather Radar has proven essential for forecasting localized weather disturbances and other specialized applications including fire and volcanic ash detection. With new tools and solutions specifically designed for weather forecasting and observation, FURUNO’s objective is to provide safety to individuals and their property by presenting highly detailed information of potential meteorological events.

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9-52 Ashihara-cho , Nishinomiya City , Hyogo 662-8580 Japan

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Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000

President's Message
Since its inception in 1948, when the world's first fish finder was commercialized, FURUNO has been responding to the needs of the maritime industry through developing various types of navigation and communications equipment.

'Contributing to the society by creating new values' is what we consider as our role in the society and this spirit is regarded as the most important value to be borne by all of our employees and is clearly stated in our management principles.

'SPC & I' embodies the basis upon which we create new values. By 'Integrating' our knowledge, experience and know-how derived from our business activities together with our three technical core competencies 'Sensing', 'Processing' and 'Communication', we shall strive to continually provide solutions that are of value to our customers on a globe scale.

Our fields of business have extended from our main business field of the maritime industry to medical, as well as, ICT industries. It is our mission in our business activities to continually contribute to the society by 'achieving better safety and peace of mind to bring about an environmentally friendly society', and we shall continue to strive to achieve that end.

We respectfully appreciate your thorough understanding and support.

  • Company Name: FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
  • Incorporated: May 23, 1951
  • Headquarters : 9-52 Ashihara-cho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo. 662-8580, Japan
  • Capital (Milion Yen): 7,534
  • Employees (Person): 2,920
  • Net sales (Million Yen): 79,050


Management Principles

  1. A company exists to serve society.
  2. Its management must be creative.
  3. The happiness of its employees comes with the growth of a company.

We, FURUNO group, feel it our role in the society to contribute to the society by creating new values, which is clearly stipulated in our management principle, and this is regarded as our focal value to observe.

Business Theme
FURUNO strives to contribute to realisation of the pleasant society filled with safety and peace of mind by revealing the things that people do not usually see, such as underwater condition, situation around ships, tectonic deformation, people's physical conditions, etc.

'Integration' of our knowledge, skills and know-how accumulated through our business activities into our core technological expertise, namely, 'Sensing', 'Processing' and 'Communication', We create solution that is of value to our customers. This is the source of the value that FURUNO delivers to the society and is regarded as our core competences, and we take the initial characters and address it as 'SPC & I'.

Action Guidelines
Moving forward to the future
While looking firmly ahead to the future and clarifying our ideal and vision, we strive to realize them.

Challenging for the best
We seek to achieve the highest level of quality at all times in all our corporate activities.

Standing firm to seek creativity
Since the inception, creativity has been regarded as our identity that is of highest value. We shall further strengthen our stance on creativity in all business segments of ours.

Respecting sincerity
We engage with the society with utmost sincerity.

Business Vision
Achieve better safety and peace of mind to bring about an environmentally friendly society

Making full use of our core technological expertise, namely, sensing, processing and communication, FURUNO strives to bring about safety and efficiency in vessels' operation, sustainable fishery with thorough resource management, safe healthcare and the pleasant society filled with safety and peace of mind.

Business Fields

Marine Business

Industrial Business

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FURUNO's core technological expertise is Sensing Technology, Processing Technology and Communication Technology. We shall strive to further enhance the competitiveness in those three technological fields in order for us to add high values to our products and services in our existing business fields, i.e., marine electronics. Moreover, we shall allocate our available resources to research and development activities in order to attain the possibility of further expanding our field of operation.

Also, based upon our road map for research and development activities, which is meticulously crafted according to our business strategy, close collaboration between the departments of research and development and intellectual property management is to be established. Subsequently, we seek to create intellectual property of significance which can be used to contribute to our future business activities.