F.W. Gartner Thermal Spraying

F.W. Gartner Thermal Spraying

F.W. Gartner Thermal Spraying

FW Gartner Thermal Spraying FW Gartner Thermal Spraying, a business unit of Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies, is an ISO9001:2008 certified, globally connected, but locally focused provider of a broad range of thermal spray and cladding technologies. The company’s core competency is the development, optimization and application of coatings and overlays that protect, enable or restore industrial components across a range of industries, often in critical service environments. FW Gartner’s facilities also have on-site grinding capabilities and an extensive metallographic laboratory. By utilizing a worldwide network of partnerships and affiliations with other thermal spray coating and laser cladding providers, we are able to support OEMs on an International basis.

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25 Southbelt Industrial Dr. , Houston , Texas 77047 USA
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Service provider
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Environmental Management
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Nationally (across the country)
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About Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies:

Curtis Wright Surface Technologies provides advanced technologies to enhance the performance and extend the life of critical components by helping prevent failures.

Through a network of 70 facilities around the world, we provide four primary metal treatment technologies:

  • Shot Peening - This process greatly enhances the durability of the metal and extends the service life of such diverse critical components such as downhole drilling equipment, aircraft structural components and automotive transmission gears.
  • Laser Peening - Utilizing the same principles as shot peening, a laser beam imports a layer of residual compressive stress that is four times deeper than that attainable from conventional peening treatments. The result is an unprecedented resistance to fatigue and stress corrosion failure. Since Curtiss-Wright introduced this process in 2003, potential applications have emerged for turbine engines, civil and military aircraft structures, nuclear power generation and nuclear waste disposal, petroleum drilling, medical implants and recreational sports.
  • Specialty Coatings - Our portfolio of engineered coatings includes thermal spray coatings, solid film lubricants, zinc corrosion resistant and parylene conformal coatings. Curtiss- Wright engineers and scientists have the ability to engineer coating solutions for a broad variety of end use materials and operating environments.
  • Materials Testing - Our mechanical, chemical, and metallurgical testing services ensure the integrity of the design and manufacturing processes of critical metal, ceramic and composite components. Our expertise in failure analysis further aids in identifying and solving issues with materials or components that are not performing properly, including coatings/surface treatment issues, improper wear, field failures and fractures.

Fred W. Gartner founded the company in 1923. During the 1940's, Fred Gartner, Jr., a recent inductee into the ITSA Hall of Fame, helped pioneer a new industry now known as 'thermal spraying.' In 1957, he replaced his father as President and led the company for 36 years, insisting on the highest standards of product quality and service, and creating a culture of technical innovation and leadership that defines what F.W. Gartner stands for to this day.

Michele Falzon, a fourth generation family President, ran FW Gartner up until its acquisition by Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies (CWST).

F.W. Gartner Thermal Spraying has been servicing and providing cutting edge industrial coating solutions to a wide range of industries since 1923. Our Houston, TX client base includes some of the largest multinationals in the world, expanding the demand for our services and technologies to the global stage. To accommodate this demand, we have developed strategic alliances and JV’s with companies that can maintain and enhance our service and technology offerings to our global customer base. Our core competencies and our focus on emerging processes and technologies, provide those customers with global access to the best industry know-how available.

The optimization of surface properties for new and ever more demanding applications continues to challenge our customers. F.W. Gartner is a strategic partner with its clients in the development of new materials and processes to satisfy these emerging needs. FWG can also offer comprehensive machining and grinding capabilities as part of a turnkey service. By strictly maintaining quality and providing innovative solutions, F.W. Gartner has enabled its clientele to increase component life and improve reliability while reducing downtime and cost. This was the key to our success through most of the twentieth century; it continues today, and will continue to define F.W. Gartner into the future.