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G STOW PLC Products

  • Test Pumping System

    Test Pumping System

    G STOW PLC is fully equipped to perform test pumping for any purpose in all conditions, with many year’s experience in: Step tests, Constant rate tests, Multi Borehole Combined, Recharge testing, Constant rate tests, Packer testing, Sand testing equipment.

  • Mobile CCTV Survey Units

    Mobile CCTV Survey Units

    Mobile CCTV survey units can carry out a visual inspection of boreholes and wells from 65mm diameter and up to 300m depth with national coverage. We are able to provide a one-stop service for pump removal, CCTV survey and subsequent pump reinstallation thereby minimising borehole downtime and maximising efficiency of service.

  • ZSM - Stainless Steel Rising Main System

    ZSM - Stainless Steel Rising Main System

    For over 30 years G STOW PLC has worked alongside STÜWA (The German manufacturer of the ZSM system) in the development and supply of water well products for developing countries. As a result of this association, we have been appointed sole distributor for ZSM rising main systems. ZSM is already being widely used in the water industry in the UK. Clients range from water companies to private or commercial businesses: