Gasficient`s core products provide financially viable pressure reduction, thermal conditioning and power generation for the natural gas industry. In addition to these innovative products, through our growing group of international representatives we also have the capability to provide pressure reducing and metering skids, filters, scrubbers, separators, heat exchangers, pig launchers/receivers as well as various other pressure vessels and other fabrications.

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1942 McDougall Street , Kelowna , British Co V1Y 1A2 Canada

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Oil, Gas & Refineries - Gas
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Globally (various continents)
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We are committed to providing efficient Engineering, Design & Project Management for Gas Transmission, Distribution & Utilization Systems.


To become a leading and preferred products and service provider.


To positively contribute to the success of client and customers  through provision of creative and innovative engineering solutions that are delivered timely and professionally.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Committed to ensuring HSE compliance with regulatory requirements is a priority to protect the environment, public, clients and customers and employees.

Gasficient is proudly exclusive representative of Universal Vortex Inc (UVI) in Canada, Europe and South Asia. Through a Joint Venture, Ekoficient Products and Services, representation is also representative of UVI in the Middle East.

Universal Vortex, Inc. (UVI) (established in 1996) is an engineering and manufacturing company that offers patented and proprietary products and technology that provide the natural gas industry with thermal and natural gas liquid recovery solutions. These innovative solutions not only improve the security of natural gas supply they also provide energy savings and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A vortex tube is a specially designed cylindrical device to reduce the pressure (expand) pressurized gas. During pressure reduction the released gas undergoes energy and mass segregation (Vortex Phenomenon) forming ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ flows to be utilized in industrial applications. UVI’s innovations, most notably self-heating of the vortex tube, reduce or eliminate the need for pre-heat of natural gas prior to pressure reduction. UVI’s vortex tube products are based on proprietary (USA and Foreign Patents) vortex designs.

UVI’s products and technology are suitable for use at each step of gas delivery from production well to the end user; Wellhead gas temperature conditioning in gas gathering, natural gas liquids (NGL) recovery enhancement at JT gas processing plants, vortex pressure regulating stations as well as vortex turbine fuel gas conditioning to eliminate gas preheat at PRS, Compressor Stations and Power Plants, UVI products also save energy and increase reliability in transmission gas and CNG pressure regulation.

As of December 2012 Gasficient can assist you in converting pressure to power using natural gas or steam. Affordable and clean electric power that is typically wasted can add to your financial bottom line.

The products are Langson Energy, Inc's 'Gas Letdown Generator' (GLG) and, for operation with steam, the 'Total Flow Generator'.

Langson Energy has developed an exceptionally efficient and unique power conversion system which converts Pressure to Power. Vastly more cost effective than turbo expanders, turbines and other alternatives, this will revolutionize the economics of green energy. These products can produce base load green power from pressure currently being wasted in gas letdown stations, (pressure reduction stations) anywhere a pressure reduction takes place. The current use of JT Valves, (pressure reduction valves) where the pressure is mechanically reduced can now be supplemented make power from this energy.

The equipment is priced at less than $2000/kW for units larger than 100kW and gives you a cost of power at around 3 cents/kWh. Recover your investment in less than three years. The machine is built to last in excess of twenty years using an off the shelf twin helical screw technology. Bearing replacement maintenance is every 50,000 hours or about every five years, giving you an operational cost of about 1/4 of a cent/kW. The energy is clean and green with zero-emissions. There are no fuel costs as the GLG is driven by flow and the reduction in pressure which is normally wasted.

Just need horsepower? No problem. Use the GLG to directly drive a pump, compressor, or other equipment. Replace your letdown valve with a GLG and turn pressure into profit.