Geida, environmental resources management, Ltd.

Geida, environmental resources management, Ltd. is a consulting company offering many kinds of environmental services. The company deals with the preparation and implementation of sustainable projects in the field of energy efficiency, environmental management and nature conservation with the intention of preserving the environment and people’s health. An interdisciplinary group of experts also enables us to pay attention to economic and social aspects in environmentally oriented project work. The company encourages its employees to be environmentally responsible in their work and generally to promote environmental awareness in all aspects of their life.

Company details

Zapoge 37 , Vodice , 1217 1217 Slovenia

Locations Served

Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Environmental - Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

The company operates a registered research group for sustainable development. The purpose of the research group is the acquisition of new knowledge needed for product development, service quality growth, and natural and cultural asset preservation for the benefit of the whole society. The research group cooperates with other research organizations and external experts.

Work of our Research Group is focused on the following three priorities:

  • economic evaluation of environmental and resource costs,
  • economic evaluation of environmental damage,
  • economic evaluation of ecosystem services.

We are also partners in a project group of companies covering urban planning, civil engineering, building construction and mechanical installation design, environmental protection, economy and law. Thus we are able to provide complex services in almost all fields of investments.

Fields of work
The company's main focus is shaping comprehensive, practical and feasible solutions. Different fields of expertise are combined in our project and research work, in particular:

  • ecology and environmental protection,
  • energetics, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources,
  • economic evaluation of environmental costs and ecosystem services,
  • water management,
  • project development and management,
  • client support regarding financial resources availability.