Geiss Richard GmbH

Geiss Richard GmbH

Organic solvents - halogenated or non-halogenated - are indispensable for industry, trade and textile cleaners. The waste which is caused by them has to be transported, disposed or recycled in a secure way. Richard Geiss GmbH is specialized in professional waste recycling and in reintegrating the thus produced highly pure destilates in a working cycle system. This is recycling that really earns its name: it saves resources and minimizes the amount of hazardous waste.Both our high professional and technical know-how in processing and transporting the solvents in special safty systems guarantee a maximum of safety. A clever QS-System, perfect logistic and, of course, highly motivated and competent employees guarantee our reliability.

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LÜßHOF 100 , Offingen/Donau , D-89362 Germany

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)
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Organic solvents, whether containing halogens or halogen-free, are indispensable for industry, skilled crafts and textile cleaners. The waste products incurred must be safely transported, disposed or processed. Richard Geiss GmbH has specialised on the competent preparation and recycling of such acquired high-purity distillates in a functioning closed circuit.

This is recycling which truly deserves its name, because it protects resources and minimises the occurrence of problem waste. Our great professional and technical know-how guarantees a high degree of safety, both in processing and during transport in specially designed safety containers.

Our partners can depend on us. This is ensured by a sophisticated QC system, perfect logistics and naturally a highly motivated team of competent employees.

The responsible handling of solvents is a significant environmental objective which is a part of the company philosophy in many businesses. Fifty years ago, concepts such as environmental protection and recycling for these classes of substances were practically unknown.

Entrepreneurial farsightedness as well as an ecological awareness and sense of responsibility characterised the company founder Richard Geiss in his idea and conception for reconditioning and exploiting contaminated solvents.

At first not very professional, without great technical aids but enthusiastic about an idea, which ultimately today represents the almost technically perfect state of recycling of halogen-containing and halogen-free organic solvents.

Today we can assert with pride that Richard Geiss was an environmentalist of the first hour. For him, an idea was not the occasion for great speeches and declarations, but meant immediate action.
The development of the company was again and again shaped by important milestones from the foundation up to today's leading European position.