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  • GEM UAV Sensors and UAV Systems

  • GEM - UAV Sensors and UAV Systems

    GEM - UAV Sensors and UAV Systems

    Unmanned Airborne Vehicles are pilot-less aircraft that are flown on military, police and now commercial missions for a variety of applications. They have gained rapid acceptance and popularity as they are relatively inexpensive, collect good quality data, and they can be equipped with many kinds of sensors, ranging from simple cameras to infrared cameras ,and now to, magnetometers.

  • AirBIRD - Turnkey UAV Towed Magnetometer System

    AirBIRD - Turnkey UAV Towed Magnetometer System

    The AirBIRD is a turnkey light weight towed bird Magnetometer system designed specifically for UAV’s. This system has everything needed to carry out high precision UAV magnetometer surveys from an UAV. The AirBIRD weighs 3.8 kg and therefore is suitable for medium and larger quadcopters and helicopter UAVs. The system is designed to simply be attached to an appropriate UAV for survey operations.

  • GEM - Vector Magnetometers

    GEM - Vector Magnetometers

    The dIdD Suspended Magnetometer for accurately measuring the changing Declination and Inclination of the Earth’s Field. In the past, magnetic observatories relied on a combination of Overhauser, fluxgate and theodolite instruments for obtaining measurements. GEM then introduced the dIdD (delta Inclination/delta Declination) system for high precision results.  Next, dIdD was  enhanced significantly with the development of...