Geo Products manufactures the EnviroGrid Cellular Confinement System (Geocell). EnviroGrid provides a leading-edge solution to any soil stabilization and erosion control challenge. We set standards in quality, expertise, and service while never losing sight of our commitment to environmentally-friendly building practices. As an industry leader with projects worldwide, Geo Products is committed to providing innovative as well as cost-effective products. The United States Army Corps of Engineers first used EnviroGrid (geocell) for Operation Desert Storm in 1990, and it has since been adapted for use in the public and private sectors. Our company manufactures the EnviroGrid geocell cellular confinement system for soil stabilization and erosion control needs. Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), the honeycomb grid filled with various materials provides a solution for erosion control, load support and earth retention projects.

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Geo Products takes pride in combining the best possible product with an unwavering environmentally-conscious mentality to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction.  Our EnviroGrid geocell is manufactured to exceed the exacting standards of the original developers in the United States Army Corp of Engineers, and adheres strictly to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. In addition, Envirogrid is an approved material for multiple State Departments of Transportation within the United States. EnviroGrid is sold through a global distributor network. It has been utilized in projects throughout all 7 continents and over 50 countries.

We are located in Houston, Texas--the heart of the polyethylene manufacturing industry and directly accessible to the Port of Houston. The Port of Houston provides Geo Products with a doorway to the world, thus allowing us to immediately provide whatever services and products necessary no matter the location.

Geo Products is deeply committed to the sustainability and advancement of the environment in which we live.  We recognize the potential harm man-made construction poses to the Earth, and seek to minimize such damage through the benefits offered by EnviroGrid.  All evidence points to EnviroGrid being a much more environmentally-friendly solution than any other construction alternative.

The EnviroGrid geocell is manufactured with a textured surface and is perforated to improve lateral drainage.  

ISO 9001:2008
EnviroGrid is proudly ISO 9001:2008 certified by NSF, with all our products undergoing stringent testing on-site at our manufacturing facility. All EnviroGrid products are manufactured with 100% virgin HDPE resins and carry a 10-Year material warranty.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers first developed the cellular confinement system as a means to stabilize soil in soft terrain and wet weather conditions for roads, airstrips, and any other applicable need.  

As the Army Corps of Engineers discovered, thin-walled cells filled with soil, sand, or other aggregate material provide a significantly greater load-bearing capacity than compacted soil alone. High-density polyethylene proved to be the most durable, economical, and environmental choice, and has been a great success ever since.

The Army required 6,400,000 square feet of the cellular confinement system for the Gulf War. Geo Products supplied the geocell successfully and has since extended its capabilities to the public sector for a variety of civil engineering purposes.

Civil engineers find themselves struggling to find the balance between a soil's ability to drain and its ability to compact. Both are highly desirable in terms of construction benefits, but unfortunately find themselves at odds--the better a material's ability to drain, the lower its ability to compact and thus the lower its bearing capacity.

The solution, therefore, was to confine the soil with a three-dimensional cellular structure and eliminate the problem of low compacting ability and bearing capacity. With the geocell, successful drainage is achieved, and the system supports heavy loads without displacement.

Ever since its inception, the geocell technology has shown itself to be the ideal solution for any stabilization problem. Whether the need is for soil reinforcement, earth retention, slope protection, or channel protection, geocells are able to economically and reliably provide a resolution.

By preventing horizontal movement of the fill material, the system significantly heightens the material's shear strength and bearing capacity. The number of cells in close proximity also provides considerable weight distribution ability, spreading the specific point of impact throughout the entire system.

In terms of water drainage, the open design of the geocell promotes porosity both vertically and laterally, thus allowing drainage and groundwater recharge while avoiding erosion and surface runoff. If so desired, vegetation can grow through the geocell structure rather than other environmentally-harmful possibilities such as pavement or cantilever walls. Local aggregates may be used, thus reducing the environmental and economic impact of importing more costly fill materials.

With cellular confinement, soil can be reinforced for transportation purposes, erosion can be negated by the decrease in lateral forces, and embankments and slopes can be retained or stabilized as needed.


The EnviroGrid geocell is designed and implemented in order to maximize environmental benefit. Geo Products recognizes that construction generally leaves a significant footprint upon the environment, and therefore seeks to reduce any impact that our EnviroGrid incurs upon the landscape. The limited amount of infill required for EnviroGrid as opposed to conventional construction methods, as well as the lower quality needed, offers not only a much softened blow to the environment but also reduces project engineering, length, and cost.

In addition to a significantly lower construction and carbon footprint upon the environment, EnviroGrid acts as a green building practice in diminishing erosion along slopes and embankments. The vegetative cover encouraged by EnviroGrid is another source of soil stabilization as well as aesthetic value more difficult to achieve with conventional construction.

As an innovative method to facilitate green thinking, EnviroGrid is an effective solution to protect and preserve the environment when such a mindset is growing ever more desirable.

LEED Green Building Credits
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) system for designing and certifying environmentally sustainable buildings is the national standard for rating environmentally responsible construction. Introduced and enabled by the United States Green Building Council, LEED takes into account materials and resources used, site location and development, air quality, and water and energy use in its evaluation of green buildings.

Geo Products' EnviroGrid cellular confinement system is designed and implemented with environmental merit as a top priority, and contributes heavily to a higher LEED rating for your green building project. Please refer to the US Green Building Council Website for further details on the LEED certification system.