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  • Landfill Operation

  • Landfill Operation Analysis Software

    Landfill Operation Analysis Software

    GCS: Density includes reporting functions to help landfill management keep tabs on their operation and track performance. A GeoLogic GPS Landfill System gives management the productivity and performance information they need to make informed decisions next day, instead of next quarter. It gives managers a second set of eyes on the hill to oversee progress and ensure operational efficiency.

  • Landfill Slope and Cell Construction Software

    Landfill Slope and Cell Construction Software

    Compaction is not the only consideration for a landfill compactor or bulldozer operator when burying waste. He must also accurately build lifts, slopes and cells to plan. GeoLogic's GPS Landfill System, running GCS:Density, includes construction features that make it easier for operators to tell when they are on grade. Most contractors already use GPS to build landfill cells, so why shouldn't landfill operators use it to fill as well?

  • Landfill Waste Compaction Software

    Landfill Waste Compaction Software

    GeoLogic's GPS Landfill System is the premier landfill GPS tool on the market today, mainly because of its superior abilty to measure waste density.