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Geolux develops and produces radar sensors for use in traffic, security and hydrology applications. From its founding in 2007., Geolux is commited to bringing the best radar-based traffic, security and hydrology products to the market. To achieve this goal, Geolux experts work with top technologies and keep with the latest research in the field. Geolux RSS-2-300 WL radar sensor is certified according to both European and American standards, and is being used worldwide. We have extensive expertise working with and designing microwave transcievers and mixers, microwave patch antennas, integrated microwave transcievers, DSP boards (both CPU and FPGA based!) and developing various signal processing and machine learning algorithms.

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Ljudevita Gaja 62 , Samobor , HR10430 Croatia

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Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Geolux radars are fully designed by Geolux, which allows Geolux to fully customize its radar products according to its customers’ requirements.

All products are manufactured in Croatia, according to EU norms. Geolux uses only established top-quality subcontractors for manufacturing radar components, and the final assembly and QA is done by Geolux technicians.

Traffic Monitoring
Traffic radars provide precise measurement of vehicle speed and vehicle presence information. Traffic radars are used for speeding detection and law enforcement, wrong-way driving detection, as modern traffic counters (replacing outdated inductive loops) and in various access control systems in parking lots or at highway toll ramps. Geolux OEM radar modules are used by speed sign manufacturers in their LED signs, and by speeding camera manufacturers in their cameras.

Flow Meters
Flow meters based on radar technology provide ultra-precise (0,01m/s) non-contact reading of surface flow velocity for open-channel flow monitoring applications. Radar-based flow meters are mounted above the water surface which enables simple installation with minimal maintenance; reducing overall operation costs. Geolux flow meters are used in river monitoring systems, irrigation control, waste water management, hydropower plant control and for storm water supervision.

Security & Defense
Motion sensors and presence detectors provide cost-effective detection of threats (humans, vehicles) within a covered area. The radar technology has many advantages over other technologies such as PIR or microwave-barriers, such as precise object location and multiple target tracking, that allows displaying all detected threats on a map and to automatically control the PTZ cameras, so that they zoom in to the detected target. Geolux security radars can be easily integrated in existing perimeter security systems.

Development Services
Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers is ready to handle development of your project related to microwave/RF design, digital signal processing, machine learning and FPGA design and development. With additional expertise in embedded systems design, software development and mechanical design, we can take your project from idea to final product. Contact us for more details.