Geonics Limited

Geonics Limited

A Canadian-owned company, located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Geonics Limited is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of electromagnetic geophysical instrumentation. Incorporated in 1962, Geonics originated with the development of the patented EM16 VLF Receiver, which became an exploration industry standard for ground VLF instrumentation. Geophysical instrumentation manufactured in the early years included surface, fixed wing and helicopter EM systems, primarily for applications in natural resource exploration. Used extensively throughout the world, in many varied and demanding survey environments, Geonics electromagnetic geophysical instrumentation has earned the tested reputation for reliable, cost-effective operation.

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1745 Meyerside Dr., Unit 8 , Mississauga , Ontario L5T 1C6 Canada
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Soil and Groundwater Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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From a commitment to specialize in electromagnetic (EM) methods, Geonics has been able to develop a broad range of unique EM instrumentation for an increasingly diverse range of applications. With the introduction of the EM31 Ground Conductivity Meter in 1976, Geonics began to service industries, such as engineering and the environment, with a particular interest in near-surface characterization. Subsequent development of the EM34-3 and EM38 Ground Conductivity Meters – for relatively deeper and shallower exploration, respectively – expanded the range of application fields to include ground water exploration, agriculture and archaeology.

Using more than 15 years of experience in the design and development of time domain electromagnetic (TDEM) systems, Geonics introduced, in 1987, the versatile, digital PROTEM TDEM systems. With a single receiver and three interchangeable transmitters, the modular PROTEM systems cover a full range of applications from shallow environmental and groundwater studies, to deep resistivity soundings and three-component mineral exploration.

From this tradition of research and engineering excellence, Geonics continues to move forward with the development of new, more advanced instrumentation: the recently introduced second generation of the successful EM61 Metal Detector has been recognized by the North American military community as a standard sensor technology for the detection of unexploded ordnance (UXO).

Used extensively throughout the world, in many varied and demanding survey environments, Geonics instrumentation has earned the tested reputation for reliable, cost-effective operation.

The sales department at Geonics welcomes the opportunity to discuss your geophysical application with you. From a complete understanding of objectives, operating environments and restrictions, our sales staff can provide recommendations to the instrumentation most appropriate for your specific application. And should it be determined that none of our current products is appropriate, we would be pleased to discuss a custom-build project or, otherwise, provide our suggestions to alternative techniques.

The functional capabilities of all systems are supported and enhanced by various hardware and software accessories. From data acquisition and positional / navigational systems, to third party processing and interpretation software, several options are available to enhance the performance of your particular system.

Product training, adaptable to the all levels of interest and operational experience, is available for all instruments and can be arranged at any time of mutual convenience. Training, which is available either with or without the purchase of an instrument, can be performed either at our facilities in Canada , or at any other mutually agreed upon location.

All sales of Geonics instrumentation, in either new or used condition, are supported by our standard one-year product warranty and our enduring commitment to a professional level of customer service. Knowledgeable staff in all departments (see Contact Us) are available to promptly address any questions or concerns that may arise on any subject.

Used instrumentation is always available for purchase, sourced directly from our rental inventory. All used equipment has been serviced and calibrated after every rental, and performs to the same specifications as the equivalent production model. As above, the purchase of used instrumentation (manufactured by Geonics) includes our standard one-year product warranty.

Any purchase of geophysical equipment will be a considerable investment and, accordingly, deserving of careful evaluation. From more than 40 years of research and development experience, Geonics instrumentation has developed a proven reputation for reliable, cost-effective performance, providing superior technical specifications and data quality; professional customer service provides comprehensive support.

Please contact our sales department for further information.

All instrumentation manufactured by Geonics is available on a rental basis.

Instrument rentals are available from a large inventory of equipment that is regularly maintained by our service department. All equipment is fully serviced and calibrated after every rental, returning to the inventory with all available hardware and software upgrades, ensuring performance to the same specifications as the equivalent production model.

For customers less familiar or otherwise “out-of-touch” with the equipment, product training is available to provide the required level of understanding. Further, all equipment rentals are supported with the same commitment to professional customer service as is provided with any purchase, providing a timely response to all enquiries.

A generous rental credit program is available to assist with any decision to purchase equipment either during, or immediately following the rental period. Should a decision be made to purchase equipment at any time during the rental period, or within thirty days immediately following the rental period, either of the following credits could be applied against the purchase price:

  • 80% of all paid rental charges associated with the current rental; or
  • 50% of all paid rental charges within the immediately preceding 6 months

Please note that the above rental credits can only be applied against the purchase of the same model of equipment as rented; credits, however, can be applied against the purchase of equipment in either new or used condition (see Instrument Sales).

For further information, please contact our sales department.