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GeoStabilization International (GSI) Services

  • Landslide Remediation Services

    Landslide Remediation Services

    GeoStabilization International typically provides design/build/warranty landslide repairs. That means that GSI engineers or representatives will provide a no-cost, no-obligation visit to any landslide. After surveying the site and gathering data, a design and guaranteed fixed-cost proposal will be submitted to the client. In emergency situations, we routinely have crews installing nails two days or fewer after a failure and often have the...

  • Bluff Stabilization Services

    Bluff Stabilization Services

    Bluff Stabilization GeoStabilization International’s tools and techniques are uniquely suited for coastal and riparian zones. In extremely corrosive environments, launched fiberglass soil nails and fiberglass SuperNails can be used. These nails can be perforated to act as drains or pressure grouted with cementicious or non-cementicious materials to improve soil properties in the nail zone. Because our work typically is conducted from above,...

  • Excavation Shoring Services

    Excavation Shoring Services

    GeoStabilization International’s excavation shoring falls into three main categories: Temporary Shoring: Launched Soil Nails can be used for temporary shoring; the application is ideal for deep cuts on congested sites. This solution uses easily-mobilized equipment and does not require extensive steel fabrication. This approach minimizes start-up time and can be faster and less expensive than traditional drilled soil nails.

  • Rockfall Mitigation Services

    Rockfall Mitigation Services

    GSI engineers and geologists have extensive experience with rockfall mitigation, stretching back to the 1960’s. Most famously, GSI founders Robert Barrett and Albert Ruckman rolled hundreds of rocks into experimental barriers as part of the research behind the Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program (CRSP). GSI’s specialized fleet of purpose-built limited-access rock drills, combined with our staff of engineers and rock remediation...

  • Compaction Grouting Services

    Compaction Grouting Services

    Compaction grouting is a ground improvement technique that improves the strength and stiffness of the ground by controlled, high pressure injection of low-mobility cementicious grout. As the grout mass expands, the soil is displaced and compacted. If injected properly, the grout does not flow away from the injections zone or significantly permeate the surrounding soil. The result is a series of very stiff, bulbous grout columns surrounded by soil of...