Geotech provides data management software, environmental software, and other solutions for business and environmental clients. These include our database management, custom programming, and web design services for all clients, and our Enviro Data environmental database management software and Enviro Spase environmental GIS (geographic information system) for projects involving site investigation, soil remediation, groundwater monitoring, groundwater remediation, groundwater contamination, groundwater pollution, water quality monitoring, drinking water quality, water supply, wastewater, municipal solid waste, data validation, environmental data interchange, environmental reporting, and electronic data deliverables. Supported formats include SEDD, ERIS, ADR, eDMR2, and ERPIMS, ADaPT, EPA WQX, EQuIS, Geotracker, EPA Scribe, data storage can be in Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Oracle.

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12150 E. Briarwood Ave., Suite 202 , Centennial , CO 80112 USA

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Software vendor
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Soil and Groundwater
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Internationally (various countries)
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less than 1,000,000 €

Can’t find your important information? Have lots of data you need to work with but can’t get to it? Software not doing what you need? Wish you could easily see your data in a graph, report or map? Data management system too hard to use? Current system not producing accurate information? Need quality results? Wasting time?

Geotech can provide you with the expertise, customization, and support you need to create a company-wide database system to help you organize your information and workflow. All this with much less time and money than with traditional methods. And with a return on your investment that will make you wonder how you’ve lived without it!

Geotech can help you manage your data, eliminate problems with incorrect or duplicated data, see your data graphically with easy to interpret reports, and much, much more. Software provided by Geotech will save you time and money while producing higher quality output. It is also easy to learn and use, so you can get up and running quickly.

IBM, BP/Amoco, Braconier Plumbing and Heating, Coors, City and County of Denver, Waste Management, Farmland Industries, Harvard University, Lafarge, Mountain States Lumber, Los Alamos National Laboratory, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Texas Railroad Commission, Miami Dade County Florida, ExxonMobil, Southern Ute Tribe, Virginia Power, Denver Regional Council of Governments, CH2M Hill, Newmont Exploration, U.S. Social Security Administration, United Nations, USAID, Schlumberger, ARCADIS, Perot Systems Corp., U.S. Navy, Aurora Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Colorado School of Mines, ChevronTexaco, URS, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, University of Colorado, Western Geophysical, ASARCO Inc., U.S. Department of Energy, Meadows Concrete, ConocoPhillips, U.S. Geological Survey, J.J.L. Enterprises, Kerr-McGee Corporation, Western Farm Service, Shell Oil Company, U.S. Department of the Interior, Colorado Geological Survey, CS Advocare, Denver Water Department, Bahl New Home Marketing, Adolescent Counseling Education and Therapy Program, Centennial Storage

Using software from Geotech, our company was able to transfer many of the data management activities for a complex project from a high priced project manager to more economic tech and clerical staff members. This resulted in cost savings of $12,000 per year on just one project. Vice President, Major Consulting Company

Geotech solved our data management problem by developing a semi-customized system tailored to our specific needs. This system now has over a million records of data in it. They provided exceptional service, and we are pleased with the program and Geotech's continuing support. VP of Planning, Major Petroleum Company

We have found Geotech to be very receptive to our needs. The cost of Geotech setting up our system was very reasonable. Hydrologist, Landfill Division of a County Government

We have been greatly impressed with the service provided by Geotech and the understanding of customization necessary to fit our needs. Project Manager, Engineering Consulting Company

Our time to process electronic data files decreased from 30 minutes to 5 minutes per file using Geotech's software, for cost savings of almost $5,000 per year just for that one task. Data Administrator, Chemical Company

The software provided by Geotech just works. We don’t even think about it. Project Manager, Engineering Consulting Company