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  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Benefit from renowned expertise. Geovariances have specialist and expert staff that can assist with all areas of mining resource estimation, oil reservoir modeling, contamination risk evaluation, geostatistics.

  • Mentoring Services

    Mentoring Services

    Deepen your knowledge on specific issues. Our one-to-one sessions with our experts will help you develop your skills in geostatistics and optimize your time implementing our software solutions.

  • Specific Geostatistical Software Development Services

    Specific Geostatistical Software Development Services

    Benefit from our expertise based on +25 years experience in developing software. Our development team is committed to provide the industry with high-quality professional solutions to address their specific issues.

  • Research & Development

    Research & Development

    Because we are geostatistics best supporter, we are committed to provide a cutting-edge technology. To refine our solutions, we offer innovations through consortiums or research programs in partnership with renowned international public or private companies.