Established in 1933, the company has developed over the years under the leadership of Karasek family to one of the specialists in Special Process Equipment and technologies in the field of thermal separation. GIG Karasek is a leading plant constructor for the chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, pulp and food industry. The great advantage of the family-run company lies in its lean organisational structure. They key equipment is manufactured in accordance with strict quality controls in the company`s own workshops. The advantage for you is that you have one and the same partner from basic engineering, to fabrication and erection assembly for the implementation of your projects.

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GIG Karasek provides systems and equipment, for the thermal separation of different mixtures, for among others, the pharmaceutical, polymer, petrochemical, oleochemical, finechemical, pulp & starch and food industries as well as for the environmental/recycling industries.

Therefore is GIG Karasek a leader in evaporation technologies, a major player when it comes to Thin Film and Short Path technology (Wiped Film evaporation technology) and a specialist in processing high-quality special materials. Anyone in need of tailor-made, precisely planned plant and equipment – for example, for the production of medication or vitamins, for the recovery of biological or chemical substances or for the purification of waste water from problematic industries – can’t fail to notice the customised product range that GIG Karasek has to offer. “Use no more energy than is absolutely necessary,” is a challenging goal shared by many of our customers. Instead of over-engineered design solutions, we offer intelligent concepts that not only save energy, but also lower costs.

The advantage of GIG Karasek is that you only need one partner for the implementation of your projects starting with lab and pilot plant tests, continuing with basic engineering, production and installation, and right up to the initial start-up and after-sales service.

Since GIG Karasek was founded in 1933, it has developed continuously and dynamically from a simple metal processing workshop into an internationally respected plant constructor with over 140 employees.

Even in the early years it was never too time-consuming for the company’s founder Franz Karasek to develop new products for his clients and to find new methods in production to achieve better quality and increasingly high-value technologies. Norbert Karasek changed the focus of production towards the paper and pharmaceutical industry and the processing of stainless steels. Now in the third generation, the points are already being set in the right direction with a great deal of subtlety. With the incorporation of Grill & Grossmann (GIG) site in Attnang-Puchheim in 1996 and expansion of the Graz office in 1998, GIG Karasek has matured to its present size with its impressive range of services. The next generation although still young is already showing huge enthusiasm for the company.

Joy in the enterprise duty and reinvesting the yields guarantee a growth also in the future.

Distillation at the higest level
Where traditional methods reach their limits, the GIG Karasek Thin Film- / Short Path Technology is used: For very temperature sensitive products our proven experts develop solutions to specific problems, tailored to your requirements and in this individual form. A high efficiency and personal all-round service from a single source make GIG Karasek especially for special solutions a reliable partner.

GIG Karasek Rotation Evaporator & Plant Construction
GIG Karasek has established as an expert in separation technology, in particular in the field of distillation. Besides conventional evaporator types such as Falling Film Evaporators, we convince our customers with design and construction of gentle rotary evaporators to solve particularly complex distillation challenges.

Tailor-made Expertise makes the difference
The focus of our services is the development of individual systems, perfectly adapted to the conditions and customer requirements. This is the only way to secure

the basic advantages of efficient distillation in production: depending on the customer to recover valuable materials, reduce energy costs and fulfill environmental requirements as efficiently as possible – or an intelligent combination of these priority objectives of modern industry. Years of experience, a special apparatus technology and clear structures are our advantages as an international renowned expert.

Complex tasks require special process Solutions
GIG Karasek has devoted his concentrated expertise from process Engineering and equipment development of highly specific Thin Film Evaporators and  stablished them as an ideal solution for demanding applications in thermal Separation technology.

GIG Karasek has no conceptual and procedural limits with its extensive portfolio. With international experience from projects of various sizes we are able to develop suitable systems for new, unconventional areas of use, or to optimize existing solutions.

Package Units
We create perfect systems and constructions depending on your requirements – competent, reliable, goal-oriented, cost-conscious, cooperative and proactive. Choose a partner who justifies your confidence. A project engineer will accompany you from consulting and planning to implementation of package units and unit parts as well as commissioning. Or, if desired, even with pure engineering services and optimization measures. Independently of the scope of services our goal is to upgrade your production with customized GIG Karasek solutions in terms of productivity improvement and process optimization. No challenge is too big us: Complex tasks spur us to become even better.

Evaporation plays an essential role in the power spectrum of GIG Karasek. From classic applications to new challenges, we have been supporting for years a variety of industries in the implementation of new systems and the optimization of existing processes.

The focus of this basic technology is evaporating, concentrating and recovering products. Expertise in the design guarantees high process quality, resource conservation and lowest possible operating costs. The focus of our activities are the construction of new plants and the optimization of existing systems and processes. Through clever planning we draw optimization potentials for you and realize these in powerful results.

Put on edge through experience
Evaporation technologies fulfill numerous objectives in the manufacturing industry even under complex conditions. To optimize this necessary expenditure of energy, GIG Karasek opened its clients through sophisticated plant design high savings potential. Based on your requirements we develop a balanced approach that brings investment and operating costs in an efficient Equilibrium.

Optimization, Expansion & modifacation: use untapped opportunities
Your plants provide no longer the desired capacity? Your energy consumption is in no relation to the performance? New laws force you to stricter environmental measures? Often adjustments or extensions for your company can achieve a significant performance increase.

Design Options

  • Multilevel Interconnections
  • Several fluid paths in the evaporator (optimal use of heating surface)
  • Mechanical / thermal vapor compression
  • Integrated vapor condensate stripping


  • Product Separation
  • Solvent Recovery
  • (secondary) Product Concentration

Reliable solutions for solids loading currents to free-flowing products 
In the field ofdrying GIG Karasek provides a wide range of conventional drying technologies. Where other plants come to their limits when it is about heat sensitive products, the successful thin-film-evaporation-principle ensures gentle processes.  Based on their wealth of experience and knowledge from the separation technology, our experts implement powerful vertical and horizontal thin film dryers, convincing both economically and process engineering. For individual results, tailored to the market and so not available, our technical center provides the ideal R & D environment in order to cover in-depth tests etc.

The thin film dryer is a special design of the thin-film evaporator, which are used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields. There are 2 types, the vertical and horizontal dryer.

The product is distributed evenly in a thin layer by means of the rotor on the heating surface.  Through special wiper structures the thin film dryers allows to dry liquids up to the powder form. The aggregates (vertical / horizontal) can be used both, individually and combined (pre-drying in vertical, drying in the horizontal evaporator).

The GIG Karasek vertical and horizontal thin film dryer allow continuous operation with simultaneous discharge of solids.

Wide range of applications
The thin film dryer is mainly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and in the food industry. Some typical examples of products would be: 
Chemical products (Precursor and intermediates), Sludge (Muncipal sludge, industrial sludge, process sludge), suspensions, pastes, Moisture solids, Saline Solutions, Products of fatty acid industry