Glass Packaging Institute (GPI)

Founded in 1919 as the Glass Container Association of America, GPI is the trade association representing the North American glass container industry. On behalf of glass container manufacturers, GPI promotes glass as the optimal packaging choice, advances environmental and recycling policies, advocates industry standards, and educates packaging professionals.

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Professional association
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Internationally (various countries)
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The association has two classes of members: Glass Container Manufacturers and Associates. All members receive a broad range of benefits for their company. GPI member companies bring an array of consumer product packaging to the marketplace, including food, beer, soft drinks, wine, liquor, and cosmetics.

Our Antitrust Statement
Associate members represent a broad range of suppliers, including businesses that provide glass making machinery, raw materials, inspection equipment, recyclable materials, labeling, refractories, construction and engineering services, shipping cartons, maintenance services, gas/electric energy, rail and truck transportation and advertising used in the manufacture or sale of glass containers.