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  • Dredge Dewatering and Water Treatment Services

    Dredge Dewatering and Water Treatment Services

    Global Treatment Solutions provides comprehensive service for the dewatering and water treatment of dredge slurry from mechanical or hydraulic dredge activities.  Our services start with dewatering and water treatment engineered design.  We will provide equipment, expertise and operators for systems covering every aspect of conveyance of dredge slurry which includes geotextile tubes, polymer injection, water treatment and discharge...

  • Certified Wastewater Operator Services

    Certified Wastewater Operator Services

    Expertise in water treatment systems is paramount in ensuring projects are completed efficiently. Global Treatment Solutions staffs only the most educated and experienced certified wastewater operators to run treatment systems in any location. All of our operators are certified for B-3b carbon adsorption and have experience working on large-scale wastewater treatment plants utilizing multiple activated carbon medias. We pride ourselves on not only our...

  • Operation and Maintenance Services

    Operation and Maintenance Services

    Our experienced staff offers a full suite of services including system design, system installation, modifications and upgrades to existing treatment systems and routine system maintenance.

  • Construction Site Services

    Construction Site Services

    Global Treatment Solutions has been providing waste water treatment equipment, operators, and expertise to the construction industry for nearly 20 years. On sites across the country, Global has successful treated water for a variety of contaminants including suspended solids, organic hydrocarbons, PCB’s, heavy metals, lead, iron, emulsions, algae, dyes, and ultra trace mercury.

  • Carbon Change Outs Services

    Carbon Change Outs Services

    Our experienced staff of geologists and technicians provide complete solutions for the removal and re-bedding of granular activated carbon as well as reactivation or disposal of spent filtration media.

  • Hydrostatic Testing Water Treatment Services

    Hydrostatic Testing Water Treatment Services

    From planning to execution, Global Treatment Solutions is a preferred partner on hydrostatic testing water treatment for pipelines and storage tanks. Global provides the most comprehensive service in the industry to ensure testing can be completed in an efficient and timely manner. With over 20 years of experience working with environmental regulatory agencies, our...

  • Environmental Remediation Services

    Environmental Remediation Services

    Environmental remediation involves the removal of contaminants from environment media such as soil, air, groundwater or surface water. Remediation is often subject to an array of regulatory requirements that are often based on assessments of human health and ecological risk.