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GO2 INTERNATIONAL, based in California, is the manufacturer of GO2, a unique and safe two component chlorine dioxide system for superior results in water treatment. GO2 International provides the state-of-the-art in chlorine dioxide generation. It`s safe to use, easy on the environment (it`s a `green` chemistry) and offers maximum disinfection power yet with minimal costs. Industry Solutions - Whether it`s disinfecting make-up water, chiller water, irrigation water or process water, whether it`s food or non-food surface sanitization, the list goes on and on. GO2 delivers world-class environmentally-friendly control of pathogens.

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2625 Townsgate Road, Suite 330 , Westlake Village , 91361 California USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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GO2 International - Company Profile

GO2 INTERNATIONAL, based in California, is the manufacturer of GO2, a unique and safe two component chlorine dioxide system for superior results in water treatment.

GO2's mission

Our mission is to contribute to a better environment and general human, animal and crop welfare by providing safe, healthy drinking water, irrigation water and wash-water.

The unique formula of GO2 is covered by extensive research, which has been conducted for more than 10 years to develop and perfect the product. Extensive scientific and application tests in live situations were completed before GO2 was brought to the market. Our company is supported by a large number of scientists, engineers, physicians and universities to support clients with all necessary data and knowledge based on our extensive scientific research. GO2 is truly innovative. It is a 21st Century, breakthrough and 100% green technology that delivers real benefits to urban, industrial, commercial and agricultural users.

A Green product...

  • GO2 provides a total system for safe water disinfection, 95+% useable-product yield and 100% biocidal performance.
  • GO2 is completely environmentally safe.
  • GO2 is the ultimate 'green' water disinfectant

About GO2

GO2, is a non-explosive two-component system manufactured in powder form. Combination of the separate components in tap water produces a 95+% pure chlorine dioxide solution at a concentration of 4,000 ppm. This concentrate is then simply dosed into the target water to produce safe, disinfected water. No investment in equipment or infrastructure is required to use GO2.

The separate components have a shelf-life of 5 years. The concentrate when mixed will retain its full 4,000 ppm potency for up to 30 days, declining gradually in strength after that point.

GO2 provides a total system for safe water disinfection, 95+% useable-product yield and 100% biocidal performance without the disadvantages associated with traditional disinfectants such as chlorine and 'stabilized' chorine dioxide (acidified sodium chlorite). We have strategic partnerships with regional distributors who are able to provide expertise to custom-design the optimum water disinfection services to meet your requirements.

Uses of GO2 International include a variety of industries where safe water is required e.g. drinking water companies, food and beverage producers, agriculture, livestock, poultry, fruit and produce washing, meat processing, the pulp and paper industry, the pipe and tank cleaning industry, the oil and gas industry, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cruise ships and marine vessels, swimming pools, hot tubs and spas.

Chlorine dioxide has been used in drinking water since 1944. Its major advantage was considered to be in taste-and-odor control, although its disinfection capabilities were also recognized. Later on, it became more and more common as a disinfectant and is now used in many industries, including potable water, waste water, effluent water, the oil & gas industry, paper & pulp industry, cooling towers, pipeline and tank cleaning, poultry and livestock raising, post-harvest fruit and produce washing, horticulture, carcass washing, brewing and beverage production.

During the 1960s and 1970s, many facilities abandoned the use of ClO2 because of equipment or installation design problems or high chemical costs. Some equipment failed because of the corrosive nature of highly alkaline concentrated sodium chlorite precursor solutions. Other reasons these systems were shut down include poor conversion of the precursor chemicals into chlorine dioxide, gross contamination of the ClO2 solutions with high chlorine levels, or inadequate dose control. Some ClO2 generation systems needed twice the theoretical (stoichiometric) amount of chlorine for acceptable conversion, and the resultant excess chlorine levels were high enough to negate any beneficial effects of the ClO2.

GO2 is an advanced delivery system to generate chlorine dioxide with a purity of 95+%. GO2 does not generate chlorine, chlorate, chlorite or chloride. The active biocidal substance is chlorine dioxide (ClO2). GO2 is 10 x more powerful than chlorine (and chlorine type disinfectants), works at a broad pH-range from 4-10 and does not generate any by-products or side effects when formed.

Although equipment has improved over time, it is still extremely difficult to make a 95+% pure ClO2 with the old fashioned methods of generation. Most chlorine dioxide systems generate harmful by-products. These can include TriHaloMethanes (THM's), Haloacetic acids (HAA's), bromides, bromines and Mutagen X (MX). These are all known to be carcinogenic and a risk for human health.