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Graycor Inc

Graycor Inc

Together the Graycor Group of Companies comprises one of the nation’s largest planning, design/build, construction and maintenance service groups and provides its services throughout North America and to select clients worldwide. The Graycor Companies provide industrial and commercial construction services as well as industrial maintenance technologies, throughout North America and to select clients worldwide. As an industry leader, Graycor commits to safe work environments, demands project excellence and rewards passion for performance. Established in 1921, Graycor functions under four major operating units - Graycor Industrial Constructors Inc., Graycor Construction Company Inc., Graycor Blasting Company Inc., and Graycor International.

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Two Mid America Plaza Ste. 400 , Oakbrook Terrace , Illinois 60181 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Construction & Construction Materials
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
Over 1000

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Ready, willing and driven to take on the hardest jobs in the industry.

Financial stability, a vast network of resources, and a strong commitment to safety are must-haves for all large-scale contractors - no question. But at Graycor, we work hard to do even better. Since 1921, we've delivered all of the above, plus the hands-on, collaborative spirit that comes with being one of the most experienced family-owned companies in North America.

Today, Graycor is a leading provider of construction, maintenance and facilities services throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. We offer clients in a variety of industrial and commercial markets the strength and experience needed to tackle the most sophisticated jobs and the flexibility to meet their toughest challenges.

The Graycor group of companies employs more than 1,600 construction specialists at its headquarters in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, regional offices and project sites throughout North America.

Graycor Industrial Constructors Inc. serves the metals, power and process clients.

Graycor Construction Company Inc. serves corporate, cultural/educational, entertainment, healthcare, living & lodging, logistics & distribution, manufacturing and retail clients.

Graycor Blasting Company Inc. provides precision blasting and industrial cleaning services.

Graycor International  provides construction services in Canada and Mexico.

Graycor Services provides staffing solutions, risk management, information technology and administrative support services.

We were founded in 1921 as Chicago Concrete Breaking Company. Soon after, we made our name with an extremely challenging high-profile project removing a large section of retaining wall along a functioning stretch of railroad, on the east side of Michigan Ave. Despite a driving snowstorm and those who said it could not be done, our passion, ingenuity and expertise proved we were here to stay. It was the origin of our famed company motto: Wanted: A hard job.

Over the next nine decades we have continued to prove ourselves as a partner devoted to our clients above all else. We have remained driven by relationships where we can help our clients grow and succeed, rather than looking just at the projects or profit.

Our clients are the most respected names in their fields. And we've earned a solid reputation in the industry for providing thoughtful, innovative, collaborative solutions to our clients' ever-changing needs. To take a look at the challenges, relationships and successes that have gotten us where we are today, browse our  timeline.

It’s not just what you set out to do. It’s how you go about getting it done.
At Graycor, our dedication to exceeding expectations is elemental. This passion keeps us focused on the future, helps us develop long-lasting client relationships and pushes us to become the very best that we can be - as a company, a contractor, a manager and a partner.

We believe the business has a perpetual life, but only if it is well-managed. We know that actions today can impact the business for years to come, and that long term business success must be earned in a competitive and rapidly changing marketplace.  We must embrace change of many kinds, but we must not lose sight of our core values in the process.

Mission Statement
To provide high quality construction related services to those users who recognize and will pay a fair price for the integrity, skill, depth of organization, financial strength and commitment to safety that are required to provide the quality service we offer.

We seek to serve select segments of the market through continuing relationships with primarily private sector users who meet our criteria.

Our value system places the highest priority on the welfare and professional growth of our employees, along with a commitment to long lasting relationships with our customers and vendors.

Core Values
Graycor operates within a set of core values that frame our strategy and culture. Our people, capital and reputation are our most valuable resources. Our values provide our people with standards of behavior necessary to maintain and enhance that reputation. Without attempting to rank them, we can say that our actions are consistent with these values:

Long Term Perspective - We believe the business has a perpetual life, but only if it is well managed. We know that actions today can impact the business for years to come, and that long term business success must be earned in a competitive and rapidly changing marketplace. We must embrace change of many kinds, but we must not lose sight of our core values in the process.

Integrity & Honesty - We will always try to do what we say we will do. Our actions will always be guided by an effort to do the right thing. Our dealings with customers, colleagues, suppliers and others will be conducted with honesty at all times.

Health & Safety  - We believe that a healthy lifestyle and avoidance of unsafe behaviors are essential to our individual welfare and to the success of our business. We believe that injury can be avoided by safe work practices, accountability and leadership.

Relationships - We value relationships with others and always strive to earn their trust. We recognize that strong relationships are based on mutual trust and professionalism. We know that free and open communication is essential to a healthy organization and to effective business performance.

Value - We seek to provide services that add value for our clients. We seek to obtain business based on more than price alone.

Continuous Improvement - We must never become complacent. We constantly seek improvement in all that we do - in the safety and quality of our services, in our people and in how we compete for business. 

Family - We recognize that the Graycor family is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds, talents and interests and we strive to embrace those differences. We also recognize the critical importance of family relationships and strive to achieve a healthy balance of work and family life.

Building for the long term.
Working with the best in the business keeps us at our best. Today, staying a step ahead in the area of sustainability means meeting the needs of the present generation without sacrificing the needs of the future generations. Our clients are constantly under pressure to meet stricter sustainability standards and we want to partner with you to utilize the most responsible methods without losing sight of safety, cost and schedule.

During the pre-construction, planning and sourc­ing phase of a construction project is where the conceptualization occurs for greater sustainability over the life-cycle of a building. It is in the early planning phase that Graycor is able to provide value in assessing the cost and quality of building materials as well as logistics expertise.

To ensure we are giving our clients the best possible advice, we not only have 15+ LEED®-Accredited professionals on staff, but we also look to consistently educate our team in the methods, materials and technology needed to complete your project in the most timely and cost-effective manner possible. This includes the latest in building-information modeling, web-based project management tools and other collaborative project management technologies.