Green Machine, the American manufacturer of innovative recycling and solid waste processing equipment and systems, is the only totally integrated recycling systems provider in the industry. Our entire product line is made in America, developed exclusively through the hard work of our team, and not as a result of acquisitions or marketing agreements with other companies. Green Machine manufactures North Americas most efficient Single Stream recycling material recovery facilities. Green Machine’s patent pending processing systems utilize state of the art technology which automatically separate fiber materials from container streams and then further separates those commodities reaching the world’s highest paying commodity markets.

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5 Gigante Drive , Hampstead , NH 03841 USA

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)

Green Machine offers each client the unique opportunity to work with our expert team and reap the benefits of our company which controls all design facets in-house, as well as manufacturing, installation, and after sale support. Additionally, our UL listed panel building shop and inside software programmers promise the highest level of personalized systems integration and specialized SCADA management control systems for you, our valued customers. Our team’s complete mastery over your project’s final outcome allows Green Machine to provide an exceptional level of personalized service – always guaranteed.

Green Machines strength as a recycling system full-service provider begins with the personal attention our company delivers on every project. First and foremost, our president and founder, John Green, has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry and is always the first person on the site of your project promising to steer the engineering process from beginning to end. He is also the last person on the scene making sure your project is finalized to your complete satisfaction. Second, the structural integrity of our systems ensure longevity and power driven reliability for your site. Third, the long term benefits of owning a system which utilizes only the highest quality American made components means your parts department can easily find whatever is required locally. And finally, you’ll gain the peace from the knowledge of the documented successes our customers have demonstrated in the current market of producing a marketable product at a profit, all accomplished while gaining market share.

Our American made innovations can make all the difference in your facility. Our GREEN SCREENS patented wrap resistant screening systems and their superior separation capabilities are unmatched in the industry and feature our simplistic, yet effective Ballistic separation technology.

Green Machines patent pending GREEN EYE optical sorting technology uniquely offers Advanced Artificial Intelligence Driven Hyper Spectral Technology. Only recently our competition has discovered the advantages of Hyper Spectral technologies, while here at Green Machine, we’ve been utilizing and further developing this technology since 2007. Today we have over 50 units in the field. Our optical capabilities, pick rates, ease of operation, and flexibility are able to sort numerous commodities’ processing data on a multitude of variables simultaneously – a characteristic unique to our state-of-the-art design.

In addition, our Green Machine subsidiary, “Green Machine Brokers” is a website available solely to our customers for the sale of their used equipment. This service has proved successful, allowing our customers who desire to upgrade their systems the ability to recoup the current value of the equipment they plan to replace in their plant and making it available to new customers at budget friendly pricing.