Green Power Conferences Ltd.

Green Power (formerly known as Green Power Conferences) research and develop senior executive B2B Congresses and training courses for the renewable energy industry. Founded in 2003 by forward thinking, environmentally concerned event media experts we connect people, ideas and businesses together, to accelerate the uptake and commercialization of modern clean energy systems. We have welcomed thousands of customers from 138 countries and built a global database of 1,000,000 contacts. Our expertise lies in producing research led, content rich, interactive and invigorating events that provide valuable business information and networking platforms for our clients.

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South Bank House, Black Prince Road , Vauxhall, , London SE1 7SJ United Kingdom

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Business Type:
Event organizer
Industry Type:
Energy - Renewable Energy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

Green Power Conferences is the market leader in renewable energy conferences

Since 2003, over 22,000 delegates from over 152 countries have attended over 200 conferences, exhibitions, workshops and training courses providing strategic business intelligence to the renewable energy and sustainability industries.

Our expertise lies in producing high quality, interactive conferences that provide ample networking opportunities for delegates, sponsors and partners.

Our events create micro-market places for utilities, developers, investors, suppliers and policy makers to meet, do business and develop partnerships.

Renewable focus:

We specialise in renewable energy and produce a broad portfolio of events for the wind, solar, biofuels, biomass, biogas, geothermal, ocean energy and climate finance markets.

Global reach:

We have successfully run events in 35 countries to date: UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, South Africa, India, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Mozambique, Ghana, Tanzania, Algeria, Morocco, Czech Republic, Argentina, Thailand, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Romania, United Arab Emirates.

Our Mission:

To fight climate change with event media...

We accelerate the transition to a green economy by connecting people throughout the value chain and spreading best practice through: congresses, exhibitions, conferences, 1 to 1 meetings and training courses.

10 reasons to business with Green Power Conferences


  • Green Power Conferences was founded in 2003 by forward thinking, concerned event media experts. We were the first dedicated company to offer professionally organised events solely focused on renewable energy, climate change and sustainable industry. We are passionate about renewable energy and sustainability and aim to accelerate the transition to a green economy by connecting people and providing strategic business intelligence.

High Quality Events, Robust Agendas

  • Each event is developed by a team of market research professionals who ensure our events provide in-depth discussions and the latest industry updates in these fast-moving sectors. We know our markets intimately and bring sharp focus onto substantive topics.

Global Figures & Thought Leaders

  • Our panel of speakers has included: Al Gore, Sir Bob Geldof, Gro Harlem Brundtland (UN Special Envoy for Climate Change), Lord Browne (ex CEO of BP), Jose Maria Figueres (ex President Costa Rica), Ruud Lubbers (ex Prime Minister of the Netherlands). Not only do we attract headline names but we focus on the power brokers and pioneering CEOs who provide real thought leadership.

Global Marketing Platform & International Footprint

  • We have welcomed thousands of delegates from 92 countries and built a global database of 1,000,000+ contacts. Our expertise lies in producing high quality, interactive conferences that provide extensive networking opportunities for sponsors and delegates. We have successfully run conferences in 32 countries and are helping to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy, climate change mitigation projects and sustainable business practices from Rio to Hong Kong: UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, South Africa, India, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Mozambique, Ghana, Tanzania, Algeria, Morocco, Czech Republic, Argentina, Thailand, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Romania, United Arab Emirates.

Broad Interlinked Portfolio of High Quality Business Events

  • With a global portfolio of 50+ events we see the connections between developing new markets for renewable technologies, global carbon markets and the impact on the broader corporate world. No other company provides the scope or reach of our portfolio from the Wind Power markets of Turkey, to Solar Power in South Africa to Biofuels in Brazil we connect companies, governments and investors.

Quality Research Analysts

  • We do not intend to churn out 100's of conferences run at minimum cost, despite meagre attendances, to maximise profits. We carefully add new events into the portfolio and protect our reputation by ensuring every event receives the same amount of due care and attention and is led by a senior research analyst.


  • We are an independent information provider. We do not sell technologies, promote a particular idea, piece of research or vendor solution. Our programmes are well balanced, informative and innovative and enable you to learn best practice and make the best business decisions.


  • We cooperate very closely with a wide variety of industry bodies and governments to ensure successful events and help accelerate change: European Biodiesel Board, United Nations Environment Programme, European Geothermal Energy Council, European Renewable Energy Council, ePure, Turkish Wind Energy Association, Romanian Wind Energy Association, European Algae Biomass Association, Algal Biomass Organisation, European Ocean Energy Association, International Emissions Trading Association, Carbon Markets & Investors Association, International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance, WWF and many more

Sustainable Company

  • We walk the talk, by offsetting all our commercial activities through renewable energy projects around the world. We exact a high standard of operations, minimising print and paper throughout our business, using green venues wherever possible and minimising flights by 'taking the events to the market'. We do not promote environmentally damaging industries or practices. Click here to read more about our green commitments.

Charitable Commitment

  • We are deeply concerned about the climate changes that will happen, even with a 2 degrees rise in mean temperature: sea levels, rising storm intensities, increasing desertification, droughts, fire, mismatching biorhythms. Therefore 5% of annual net profits is donated to charities working on climate adaptation projects.

Our Green Policy

We recognise that our work may have a direct or indirect effect on the local and/or regional environments in which we operate. We therefore strive to reduce any harm that this may cause on the environment. As the first company to offer professionally organised events focusing on the sustainability sector, we are as committed to applying best green practices within our own company as we are to promoting green issues and the sustainability sector around the world.

Charitable commitment

5% of our annual profit is donated to charities focused on Climate Change or local charities in the regions in which we hold our events.

Purity commitment

Unlike many other professional event companies in the sustainability sector, Green Power Conferences does not promote or profit from industry sectors which are detrimental to the environment.

Green commitment

Our Green codes of practice on waste and environment protection focus on:

  • Reducing waste
  • Reusing materials at every opportunity
  • Aligning ourselves with green suppliers & partners
  • Minimising the amount of printed materials & direct mail we use
  • Recycling
  • Encouraging our staff to be responsible, corporate green citizens
  • Utilising energies and water sparingly
  • Considering environmental impacts in our purchasing
  • Endeavouring to work with partner organisations that share our green values
  • Utilising public transport wherever possible and its impacts on the environment

It is our intention to operate our business in an as environmentally friendly way as we can, as is illustrated by what we have achieved to date -

At our conferences

  • We take conferences to the markets to minimise intercontinental travel
  • We offset all staff travel
  • Our badges and bamboo fibre lanyards are reused at all events
  • We have eliminated the use of paper in our conference documentation and substitute with reusable memory sticks made from recycled plastic
  • We seek to use green venues wherever possible and encourage venues to source locally produced food with low food miles
  • We look to educate and pressure venues into minimising their own footprint
  • Shipping to Green Power’s conferences is minimised by printing locally
  • Any items we bring to conferences (pads/pens/bags) are made from recycled materials

In our offices

  • Staff are actively encouraged to avoid wasteful printing
  • Waste paper is used on both sides before recycling
  • Minimum use of paper based marketing & registration
  • All of the paper we use is recycled
  • We actively focus on email and web based communication
  • We offset our office energy usage
  • Our UK offices are furnished with green/recycled furnitur
  • We use recycled Business Cards
  • We recycle our old computers, mobile phones and printer cartridges