Green Supply Chain

Green Supply Chain

Green Supply is the world’s leading provider of sustainable business (green) certification and training programs operating today in more than 50 countries and recognized through accrediting agencies with an international reach around the world. More than 2,000 universities and colleges in the United States, Canada, and Australia use our certification and training programs as their own “green” certification and training programs, which is a strong testament to how the international market views our professional certifications.

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Globally (various continents)

What makes out team incredibly unique is that we have a group of leaders that have worked as sustainable practitioners and executives responsible for establishing the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Strategies for global billion dollar companies. Our executives were among the world’s leaders on developing sustainability management systems from their design through full implementation. We crafted the job descriptions, roles and the responsibilities of sustainability officers and sustainability managers in leading companies across multiple industries. We created the sustainability strategies for hundreds of millions of dollars in operating divisions, and we have implemented the product strategies, the operations strategies, the green marketing & brand strategies, and the green supply chain strategies working with the C-level executives to the shop floor to power the CSR, Carbon Strategies, and Sustainable Business practices of leading companies.

We combine our leading industry experience internationally with a team of world-class (award winning) instructors and instructional designers recognized as some of the best in the world by  the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and Training Magazine. We transfer our wealth of knowledge and experience into performance solutions and real criteria for a certification program recognized as the standard internationally.

At Green Supply, our courses and professional certification programs are designed with a real-world philosophy that our natural, time and monetary resources are not infinite. We are stewards of our environment  entrusted with the most precious of resources - our planet.Our program participants are balancing outside family and  professional demands while they are trying to achieve their personal and professional goals. Employers face their genuine desire to remain socially responsible while operating under the historic economic conditions facing every industry and country around the globe today.

The question becomes, how do you get the sustainability knowledge you or your organization needs to be successful?We are the premiere sustainability “green’ training company like no other found anywhere in the world. We do not just talk about “sustainability” and environmental international issues, we are engaged around the world with providing solutions. We offer the world’s most diverse sustainability education anywhere bridging the challenges between continents, providing information across multiple sustainability disciplines, and serving the entire spectrum of students from the front office to the CEO, from the college student to the local government purchasing manager, and from the consultant to the client.Green Supply is the leading global provider of sustainability training services for individuals, schools, businesses, and governments.

Thank you for learning more our about company. Good luck on your professional journey - we look forward to helping you achieve your brighter future!