Greenland International Consulting Engineers Ltd

Today, engineering ranks among the most creative of endeavors. Engineers are part of solutions to most environmental problems due to population growth around the globe. A reputable engineering and information technology enterprise must first establish an extensive track record based on the services it advertises. Since 2003, the GREENLAND Group has scored a perfect ‘10’ by providing high-quality consulting services. The organization has earned an enviable reputation as innovative, Canadian-based companies that provide engineering expertise in the environmental and urban land disciplines.

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120 Hume Street , Collingwood , Ontario L9Y 1V5 Canada

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Engineering service provider
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Energy - Energy Consulting and Engineering
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Globally (various continents)

Engineering will be part of solutions to protect the planet. Professional engineers will devise new ways to make drinking water safer, the air cleaner and limited energy supplies stretch farther. Unfortunately, most view the environment as just one of many parts of a larger whole.

Time to change! Engineering firms today must provide design innovation and develop systems that can adapt efficiently to their clients’ needs or when society’s values change. Engineers must also look at the environment itself as the larger whole.

While visionary 20 years ago, the Greenland Group (GREENLAND) brand has combined traditional engineering methods and emerging technologies with a conservationist ethic. This unique business model has effectively served developers, industries and all levels of government to find sustainable solutions that can be arrived at in no other way.

The Greenland Group includes Greenland International - Consulting Engineers, Greenland Technologies Group, Urban Watershed Group and other professional affiliations. Our core business units are highlighted on our website. We are Canadian-based companies and provide innovative, high quality products and services.

GREENLAND has demonstrated innovation by forging new ideas and partnerships from scoped research with high-profile engineering projects. As technologies move from leading edge to mainstream, we are keeping pace by enhancing our technical resources in response to the needs of our clients. These include our proven credentials in the environmental infrastructure and urban land servicing disciplines, as well as consulting on matters of regulations, policies & standards.

Through the dedication of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, we work together to efficiently provide our clients with integrated engineering and landscape architecture services. Since 2003, we have also provided innovative solutions with a conservationist ethic that respects the natural environment at the outset and complies with available science and proven technologies.

Our successful business model, brand and accomplishments are second-to-none and because of the Board of Directors and employees commitment to innovation; attention to detail; and, the personality of a 'small business with a global footprint'. Our organization also offers exceptional service in developing new environmental technologies and products, and maintaining this competitive edge and entrepreneurial integrity with our customers and business partners around the globe.

Employment and Supplier Diversity Commitments and Accessibility Policy

Every day, we strive to create an inclusive workplace, where diverse perspectives are respected and all opinions matter. Our core principles include:

  • Diversity is woven throughout our business practices and employee training programs;
  • We provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified job applicants; and,
  • We search for qualified suppliers, vendors, sub-consultants and sub-contractors from all segments of the business community and this includes minority-owned, women-owned, First Nations-owned and veteran-owned businesses.
  • In addition, all of our suppliers, vendors, sub-consultants and sub-contractors that are located and operate in the Province of Ontario must be compliant with the 'Accessible Customer Service Standard – Ontario Regulation 429/07' made under the 'Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) – 2005', in order to provide any goods and services to the Greenland Group of Companies. Proof of training and related policies shall also be provided to the Greenland Group upon request.

Sustainability Commitment and Environmental Policy

To be exemplary global citizens, the Greenland Group of Companies (including, Greenland International Consulting, Stragis Environmental Services, Urban Watershed Group, and Greenland Technologies Group) strives for leadership by addressing areas most critical to its employees, its clients, other stakeholders and the business community.

Our reputation is paramount because:

  • We each take ownership of what we do;
  • We innovate;
  • We improve our communities;
  • We believe in the individual; and,
  • We succeed as a collective 'Greenland Team'