GreenLife GmbH

GreenLife GmbH

This medium-sized company is one of the leading experts on decentralized water management in Europe. The sensible use of natural resources is a top priority for this northern German manufacturer with its extensive range of products, patents and property rights. This family company has specialised in developing, manufacturing and servicing innovative and high-quality water management systems for single and multiple family dwellings, commercial buildings, hotels and offices. GreenLife works closely with architects and planning offices and supports rainwater harvesting as an ecologically and economically sensible alternative across Europe. Thirty years of experience in plastics processing

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Sacktannen 1a , Schwerin , D-19057 Germany

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

The medium-sized company is one of leading experts in Europe in terms of “decentralized water management”.
Effective use of environmental resources remains in the centre of activity of this North German manufacturer with a wide assortment, own patents, inventions and protective rights.

Over the last 20 years, the family business has gradually specialized in designing, manufacturing, and consultancy in the field of innovative and high-quality water management systems for single- and multi-family houses, commercial buildings, hotels and office buildings. GreenLife cooperates with architectural offices and design studios, and it is engaged in the issues of the use of rainwater as an ecological and economical alternative.

Thirty years of experience in the field of plastics processing and distribution of plastic products further specifies GreenLife competence. Distribution partners are specialized European professionals and exports specialists.

Office building

Our office building has been built according to the latest standards and includes a water treatment plant which recycles water to be used for toilet flushing.

Treated rainwater is provided for all other uses in the building. Rainwater is purified in an underground reservoir using GreenLife-Biovitortechnik equipment, and then it is disinfected with ozone, UV light and a filter with activated-carbon in GreenLife AQa. equipment. This provides water of high purity level, suitable for drinking, cooking and washing. There is no need for descaling washing machines, dishwashers, showers, fittings, etc. The equipment maintains longer operational lifetime.

New production hall

We have also expanded our production facilities. Two new injection moulding machines needed space. As a company with highly developed environmental awareness, we have organized our facilities to have minimum environmental impact: the new hall is situated among trees and bushes to ensure that the employees have contact with greenery during their work. In summer, the nearby lake is suitable for swimming during the break.
Rainwater is collected from the roof and used as process water for cooling our new machines. As the rainwater is similar to distilled water, we do not need to use expensive water treatment systems.
The entire floor in the hall is provided with underfloor heating. Water heated during the cooling of machines is drained through the floor and increases the temperature of cold concrete floor.

GreenLife, as a specialist in plastics, currently uses three different production techniques. Depending on the product requirements and the amount of produced parts, we use the following techniques:

Rotational sintering technique  – Closed moulds are filled with polyethylene powder. With a large heat input, the powder is melted. The mould, which is also called the tool, rotates around two axes and the liquid plastic is evenly distributed on the inner side of the tool, which defines the product shape. After the cooling phase, the tool is opened and the hollow mould may be removed. It is then further processed (sawing, milling, etc.) to obtain a specific end product. It is possible to produce thin, resistant and durable products, or less durable, but cheaper moulds using the same tool. Forming of the product requires a lot of time a high energy input. For GreenLife products, we use modern energy-efficient machines.

Extrusion moulding by blowing is a method of producing hollow mould, which is used for GreenLife products, such as rainwater tanks and polyethylene barrels. Plastic material melted in the moulding machine is formed into a hose. The hose is arranged in the form suitable for blowing with compressed air, allowing the material to reach the inner edges of the mould. The product moulded in this way, after cooling outside the machine, is subject to further treatment.
Special polyethylene suitable for blow extrusion is particularly flexible, has a high resistance to cracking and is designed specially for durable products.

Moulding by spraying  is another technique of forming plastics. Polyethylene is condensed at a temperature higher than 200°C in an injection casting machine. Liquid polyethylene is injected under pressure into the spraying tool. Inside the tool, polyethylene is converted back to the solid state by cooling. After opening the tool, the moulded part is removed by a handling device (robot) and it may be subject to further processing or it may be treated as a part ready for use.

The empty space in the tool forms the shape and surface structure of the finished moulded product.