GVS Filter Technology

GVS Filter Technology

The GVS Group is one of the world`s leading manufacturers of filters and components for applications in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, Automotive, Appliance, Safety, and Commercial & Industrial Filtration. The Group`s clear strategy towards internationalization, has led to the opening of 11 production facilities located in Italy, UK, Brazil, the United States, China and Romania, as well as offices in Germany, Spain, Argentina, México, Japan, Korea, Russia and India. GVS currently have a workforce of over 1,800 people globally. For more than 35 years, GVS has focused on innovation in its products range and production processes, constantly improving its development capacity to provide the best service and support for its clients.

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NFC House Vickers Industrial Estate Mellishaw Lane, Morecambe , Lancashire , England LA3 3EN United Kingdom

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Wide range of standard products

GVS produce a wide range of standard filters and components in all the divisions, these standard products support customers by eliminating the need for large investments to develop new products or improve existing processes.

All the GVS product range meet the highest quality standards required, even for very high tech or critical applications. Working at this level guarantees a high quality level for every product manufactured.

Personalized design

GVS has developed a flexible and dynamic structure with advanced technological skills.

For customers who require product development or just process development we offer a complete service. This covers all stages of the project including product and process design, validation, up to the mass production for large quantities.

Ever since it was founded, the GVS Group has demonstrated a strong inclination towards expansion into global markets. Through the GVS Corporate headquarters and subsidiaries worldwide GVS have built a commercial and manufacturing network to support its clients locally offering a more effective and efficient technical support and customer service.

In high technology and safety critical markets GVS has found it vitally important to be able to work at a local level with customers as well as remaining in contact with their head offices globally. With this approach GVS have been able to share innovative solutions to problems across their international network.
GVS currently have sites in the following locations: Italy (3), UK (2), Brazil (1), USA (2), China (2) and Romania (1) as well as offices in Germany, Spain, México, Argentina, China, Japan, Korea, India and Russia.

GVS was founded in 1979 and initially focused on medical blood filters production. The company later branched out into the production of a wide range of proprietary products, rapidly gaining considerable success and receiving recognition worldwide. The company was founded by Grazia Valentini with the support of her father Renato, one of the first injection mold designers in Italy. Between them they developed the first innovative techniques of automatic co-molding on horizontal presses and these were the foundations on which the present company technologies were based.

The work done in critical and maximum-safety sectors such as the Automotive sector (ABS braking systems) the Medical sector (blood filtering), Life Sciences (diagnostic and biotechnology), Safety and Biohzard (respiratory and antiviral protection), Molecular Filtration (chemical protection) has encouraged GVS's inclination towards constant innovation and improvement. GVS is today considered a group with a fine tradition of quality and high technological innovation in design and materials used, and it is these features which are the key to its international success. 

Throughout its history, GVS has always invested in people and benefitted from the skills, energy and enthusiasm they bring to the company. It’s the people within the business that drive the success of the group. GVS recognise this and provide incentives for their creativity whilst and cultivating their professional skills to ensure continuous development and innovation.

Technology at the Heart of the Business

Thanks to pioneering strategic choices and considerable investments in R&D and advanced management systems GVS has obtained considerable success throughout its history and received a number of international awards.

Constantly Committed to Development

In order to offer its clients a wide range of services and high-quality, reliable products, GVS has invested in modern equipment, systems and techniques. These techniques support its programs of research and technological development and also assist in the design of new innovative products. Each manufacturing plant globally shares these innovations to assist the group continue to develop at the forefront of technology.

Customer product developments are followed at every step by the GVS Design Team, from their initial concept through to their industrial production. Proprietary products are developed internally and feature advanced technical innovation compared to existing products in the international market. Where possible the design teams make use of the internally produced GVS membranes and filter media to ensure products perform to the best possible standards.

This design process has resulted in a large number of patents being filed and accepted for the more unique design features within the GVS product range.