H2Flow Equipment Inc.

Water and wastewater treatment equipment for municipal and industrial use: screens, conveyors, compactors, grit removal, clarifiers, air diffusers, jet aerators, SBRs, biological reactors, trickling filters, package plants, sludge thickeners, presses and digestors. Tertiary treatment, UV disinfection, water treatment (settling, membrane, DAF, conventional filters, underdrains), CSO, industrial treatment, oil/water separators.

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470 No. Rivermede Rd. #7, , Concord , Ontario L4K 3R8 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

H2Flow Equipment Inc.

H2Flow Equipment Inc. supplies processes and equipment for water and wastewater treatment for industrial and municipal use and actively works with plant engineers & operators, consulting engineers and contractors.

H2Flow Equipment Inc. operates in the following primary market segments:

1) Industrial Water and Wastewater
2) Municipal Water
3) Municipal Wastewater
4) Biogas and odour control
5) Industrial Process Equipment & Systems

Industrial customers typically include the power, food, mining, automotive, pulp & paper, metal & steel, chemical and petrochemical industries. 

Since opening for business in January 1992, the company has been establishing itself aggressively in the marketplace and has enjoyed steady growth. Our team consists of skilled engineers, technicians and support staff. Our company focus has been predominantly on capital equipment and oriented towards process solutions.

H2Flow Equipment Inc. is committed to providing good customer service and to building long lasting relationships with clients, consultants and contractors, along with the best technical and engineering support.