We are the leading producer of vacuum distillation systems for industrial wastewater management for the metal processing industry, automotive industry, aviation industry, machine building industry and many other industrial sectors. We manufacture our VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems for wastewater management following highest quality standards at our headquarters based in Steinen in the southern part of the Black Forest, Germany. `German Engineering` stands for highest quality and reliable solutions, providing wastewater management systems you can rely on any time.

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Wiesenstrasse 32 , Steinen , 79585 Germany

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Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US


We believe in a future free of wastewater in a variety of different industrial sectors. Therefore our aim is to become no. 1 for the realization of zero liquid discharge productions (ZLD) based on our state of the art wastewater evaporaotrs.


The brand VACUDEST offers efficient, environmentally friendly and freshwater-saving wastewater evaporators, allowing zero liquid discharge industrial production.

The worldwide fresh water resources are becoming increasingly scarce, yet pollution in open waters continues to advance. In many industrial sectors wastewater is produced, creating a critical problem for our environment. Since our foundation in 1999 we are driven by our vision of a future free of wastewater, thus we are working on the most sustainable, effective and reliable wastewater treatment evaporaotrs possible. Using our state-of-the-art technology we want to lastingly contribute to a zero liquid discharge industrial production (ZLD), in order to enable future generations to live in a clean and healthy environment.

H2O – Pioneer in:

  • Industrial wastewater treatment system
  • Energy efficiency
  • Wastewater evaporators

Our mission is the sustainable processing of industrial wastewater for a wastewater free future (ZLD). Our state of the art technology and excellent VACUDEST wastewater evaporators guarantee a reliable investment and long term viability for our customers.

Today H2O, an owner managed company, belongs to the most experienced experts worldwide for the sustainable processing of industrial wastewater. As pioneers in the industrial application of wastewater evaporation we succeeded in making this wastewater reusable.

As pioneers in the application of wastewater evaporation in 1986 we were the first one to make industrial wastewater reusable. Our state of the art wastewater evaporaotrs are based on the simple principle of separation of materials due to boiling point deviations. The industrial wastewater is evaporated. All substances having higher boiling points than water stay in the evaporation residue. This includes heavy metals, salts as well as oils, fats and tensides. Because the clean water evaporates, the evaporation residue volume is reduced to anywhere between 0.5 and 5 percent of the original wastewater volume. The emerging vapor is practically free of impurities. After condensation it can be used as process water in the production process. This creates a complete zero liquid discharge production (ZLD).

Some substances cannot be completely separated by this principle. Thus the distillate of conventional wastewater evaporators is often turbid and of poor quality, requiring post treatment. In recent years we could introduce many innovations setting benchmarks on the market regarding optimization of the separation process. Thus the VACUDEST wastewater evaporators, compared to other conventional evaporators, guarantee crystal clear distillate with outstanding quality. Our Clearcat condensation system for instance allows COD reduction of up to 99 percent. Your investment in a trend setting VACUDEST vacuum distillation system is your guarantee for excellent distillate quality.


The brand VACUDEST offers efficient, environmentally friendly and freshwater-saving wastewater evaporators, allowing zero liquid discharge industrial production.


An integral part of H2O's philosophy is the development of customized system solutions. Industrial wastewater is never equal. The manifold of applications requires a customized wastewater treatment plant. Thus we don't offer VACUDEST wastewater evaporators off the shelf.


Cooperatively to the ideal wastewater treatment plant

We place high value on collaborative partnership, right from the beginning. During project development our aim is to optimally integrate the VACUDEST wastewater treatment plant into your production process. Therefore we analyze your processes and additional requirements. Next to the composition of your industrial wastewater many other factors influence the design of an optimal wastewater treatment plant. In the further course of the project we analyze your industrial wastewater. Based on all findings obtained we develop the best wastewater treatment plant for your individual requirements. Our individual system engineering and our integrated services leads to solutions with added value:

  • higher cost efficiency.
  • higher process reliability.
  • higher sustainability.
  • more time to concentrate on your core business.


We keep our promises

After installation we jointly start up the VACUDEST wastewater treatment plant together with you. During start-up phase we verify all performance data and quality characteristics which have been promised to you. Our aim is to hand over a wastewater treatment plant fulfilling all your requirements.


After Sales Service

We won't leave you to deal with your brand new wastewater treatment plant alone after it has been taken over. Our aim is to comprehensively relieve you of burdens. Based on our service network, we provide reliable full service in your vicinity. Regular scheduled maintenance, modern e-service for quick support, and worldwide spare parts logistics including long lasting supply guarantee complete our highly efficient service for you.