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  • Customer Care

    Our customers have known and trusted the reliability and operational security of VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems for decades. This trust is largely founded on our unique customer service care concept, which is designed to ensure the long-term efficient operation of your system. More than 25 years of experience and the inevitable comprehensive industry know-how enable us to provide you with effective support for the operation of your VACUDEST vacuum distillation system. Ideally, our supp

  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    Experts with more than 30 years experience provide support. Nobody knows our VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems better than us; after all, all such systems are entirely manufactured at our main plant in Steinen (Baden, Germany). Benefit from over 25 years of experience by assigning preventive maintenance tasks for your systems to our proven experts. This will give you peace of mind by ensuring that your VACUDEST vacuum distillation system continues...

  • Spare Parts Services

    Spare Parts Services

    Exact match and a functional warranty. The product file of your system allows us to find out precisely which parts are installed at your facility and enables us to deliver the matching spare parts with a functional warranty. This ensures that any repair activities are executed promptly and that your system continues to work reliably after that - all with the aim of reducing downtimes and maximizing your system's availability.

  • Consumables Services

    Consumables Services

    The effect of the quality of system cleaning agents and defoamers on the operational costs of a vacuum distillation system are often underestimated. Clean equipment has higher energy efficiency and lower operational costs. You can profit from over 25 years of experience by using the efficient operating materials of H2O.

  • Re-Engineering Services

    Re-Engineering Services

    We know that entrepreneurs constantly strive to make their production more efficient. This can involve modifications to existing systems or the introduction of new, innovative process chemicals aimed at improving quality or driving down production costs. Or even the addition of completely new processes due to changing vertical integration parameters or the launch of new products. We support you with all your projects and make sure that your VACUDEST...

  • Hotline Services

    Hotline Services

    Regardless if it's about ordering spare parts, operating materials, planning a service deployment or asking for immediate assistance in the event of unplanned downtimes, our service hotline, staffed with experienced professionals and competent service engineers, will provide you with prompt and reliable advice anywhere in the world. We would be glad to assist you by telephone or via remote service to ensure that your system quickly resumes operation...

  • Installation and Commissioning Services

    Installation and Commissioning Services

    Installation and commissioning – we ensure the optimum launch of your system. Our experienced and well trained professionals install and launch your VACUDEST vacuum distillation system on site. All system parameters are configured for optimum functionality and top performance. We entrust start-up tasks to a dedicated team of experienced specialists. This is a guarantee for you, our customer, that the installation and launch of your system are...