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  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Model Bio-Wheel™ - Advanced High Efficiency Wastewater Treatment System

    Model Bio-Wheel™ - Advanced High Efficiency Wastewater Treatment System

    The Bio-Wheel biological treatment system has been developed to combine the compactness and flexibility of the activated sludge process with the stability and sinplicity of the fixed film process. The Bio-Wheel system integrates the two processes in a single tank by using a simple mechanical drive system. The rotation of the Bio-Wheel provides alternating air and water cycles for the fixed film process, and aeration and mixing for the activated sludge...

  • Model Bio-Brane™ - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

    Model Bio-Brane™ - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

    The Bio-Brane membrane bioreactor (MBR) is an advanced water treatment producing high quality effluent that surpasses the most strigent regulations. The Bio-Brane MBR combines the low power consumption of the Bio-Wheel patented technology with a highly efficient submerged membrane process. This wastewater treatment exceeds the most stringent standards for effluent discharge or reuse, and eliminates the requirements for a clarifier or a filter. With...

  • BiH2OMobile - Wastewater Treatment System

    BiH2OMobile - Wastewater Treatment System

    The BiH2Omobile, certified by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Parks of Quebec (MDDEP), uses a submerged attached-growth biologic process developed by H2O Innovation. The purification process is performed by a complex microbial community attached to a submerged bacterial support.