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H2O Tech is committed to improve solutions in the water & Wastewater industry, for that our company take this commitment seriously and work with our client to deliver more than expected . Where you find your local partner to any water concerns: Whether is it a house need, on the municipal or industrial scale, we examine, design and deliver a turnkey solution. In H2O we listen carefully to your problems and fit in the best possible treatment that helps you move on happily and manage your life and business in an effective manner. From Feasibility studies, to design , Engineering, manufacturing, Consultancy, procurement, Contracting, testing, commissioning, supply of equipment, packages and engineered solutions for any water or waste water treatment system.

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Route des Chataigniers , Chailly-Montreus , 12,181 Switzerland

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

Proud to have quality staff comprised of personnel who have international experience in water treatment and process solutions .
Municipal water treatment

We offer treatment packages to any municipal water and waste water treatment scheme, like sewage treatment plants, River water treatment, ground water treatment, sea water treatment, lake and water bodies water treatment programs..

Industrial water treatment

We have the capability and experience to treat water in industrial applications, like pulp and paper factories, pharmaceutical, textile, food and beverage industries, laundries …. All tailored to client specification and requirements.

Recycle & Reuse

It is the jewel of each application is to preserve each drop of water used, it severs two purposes at the same time, efficient and feasible operation and contributing to the environment preservation effect. We try to bundle up technologies and maximize water integration cycle to reduce wastage of water and recycle the most of it.

Water management

We offer partnership and value association through sharing resources and optimization programs, we also help in consultancy services to your running operation and systems. We undertake also operation and maintenance contracts with full supply of chemicals and equipment, spares, consumables necessary to run the system smoothly. Also we conduct training programs and management services.

Mission & vision

Going back to the basics, water is essential in every aspect of human life and evolvement. It is there and around any urban development and human civilization. In this sense, we are into helping society solving water concerns and application via introducing a wide experience in water, waste water treatment sectors. This ranges from small to medium scale packages, products, services and implementation techniques.  With over 20 years of experience in different fields we cover water infrastructure, supply, storage, distribution, treatment and reuse to help preserve this precious item over generation to come.