Habitat Management

Habitat Management

Habitat Management, Inc. (HMI) specializes in environmental projects, land reclamation and permitting and regulatory affairs. Our extensive field and project management knowledge make us uniquely qualified to provide our clients with innovative natural resource management expertise that is technically advanced and practical in its field application. Habitat Management is committed to providing high value service and innovative solutions using objective science and current technologies and methods. Our staff of environmental engineers, biologists, ecologists, botanists, soil scientists, and regulatory experts deliver quality work products to private clients and government and tribal agencies.

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14 Inverness Drive East Suite A-100 , Englewood , Colorado 80112 USA

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Business Type:
Service provider
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Nationally (across the country)

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide innovative, practical, cost-effective environmental services and products that meet the specific needs of our clients. Technical and service excellence, emphasizing effective communication, precise definition of issues and timely, economical performance, is our primary focus.

Company Overview

Habitat Management, managed by Mr. Wayne Erickson and Mr. Ken Carlson, specializes in environmental projects, land reclamation and permitting, and regulatory affairs. Our extensive field and project management knowledge makes us uniquely qualified to perform and manage a wide variety of projects. Habitat Management can turnkey your projects from conceptualization and design through the regulatory approval process and provide field construction and management services.

Habitat Management maintains a multi-disciplinary network with experienced scientists, engineers, professionals and construction companies. As your specific project needs dictate, Habitat Management may team with these specialists to ensure that appropriate specific expertise is provided.

Equipment and Technology

Habitat Management’s environmental services are streamlined through the use of top-of-the-line equipment and technology for most site-specific projects. Our staff is highly trained in a variety of programs that support environmental and engineering work, including SedCad, AutoCad and ArcView. We are experienced in using and developing geographic information systems (GIS), and have Trimble grade capabilities.

Safety Policy Statement

Habitat Management believes that our most important asset is our employees and we are dedicated to keeping them safe. As such, there is no job so important that we will risk the safety or health of our employees to achieve it. We have a safety program that encourages employees to work safely and to report any concerns or incidents. We provide First Aid/ CPR training for all employees and all field employees are required to go through MSHA and any site or project specific training. Our project managers promote open communication with all field crews and all employees are empowered with Stop Work Authority to immediately address a safety issue.  Our employees are required and encouraged to report any potential hazard or incident to the supervisor. Daily tailgate safety meetings are held before the start of work to discuss planned activities and a Job Safety Analysis for new activities.  We take the health and safety of our employees very seriously and all incidents are thoroughly investigated to prevent reoccurrence.

Sustainability Commitment

As an environmental and natural resource management company, Habitat Management is grounded in environmental sustainability. It is not just our bread and butter, but also the basis for our business operations. We are dedicated to creating a clean and sustainable environment for future generations and strive to achieve internally by:

  • Implementing recycling programs (for trash, office supplies and electronics)
  • Reduce our resource consumption through such measures as use of electronic instead of paper deliverables, working with office lessors to reduce electricity use, office recycling, and working towards a “paperless” filing system
  • Reduce unnecessary travel via the use of web-based meetings and seminars
  • Offer flexible working arrangements to employees

We believe in being proactive leaders in achieving and maintaining a sustainable work environment that reduces our footprint and provides a healthy environment for future generations.