Halltech Environmental and Aquatic Research Inc.

Halltech Environmental and Aquatic Research Inc.

Halltech Aquatic Research Inc. has been servicing and building fisheries related equipment since 1991. Our mission has always been to provide leading edge solutions for field professionals working in remote locations worldwide. We take enormous pride in the products we manufacture and the praise we receive for going that extra mile to provide superior customer service in a friendly and timely fashion. Our HT2000 Backpack Electrofisher is now becoming a standard in many Provincial and State Conservation Authorities, Federal Departments as well as the Private Consulting Firms and we look forward to expanding our product line to include Electrofishing Tote Barges, Boats and Barriers. It is a testimony to that effort that we are proud to say that many of our new business comes from word of mouth referrals and for that, we are truly thankful !!

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129 Watson Road South , Guelph , Ontario N1L 1E4 Canada
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Agriculture - Fisheries
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Globally (various continents)
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Halltech Aquatic Research Inc. Limnology Equipment

Limnology Equipment - With an increased focus on Limnology and Oceanograph worldwide, the study of our freshwater and marine ecosystems has evolved into a complex process of sampling, analysis and monitoring of our aquatic environments. Working closely with both academics and field technicians, we encourage an open transfer of information. These experiences combined with our own R&D, allow for the continued improvement of our samplin devices. We are always attempting to build a better mousetrap and with many new materials emerging in today's marketplace, our limnology products are constantly evolving. Our on site machine shop enable our personnel to quickly customize our samplers to adverse situations or building something completely new for a unique application.


Hello Murray,

Congratulation on Halltech Aquatic Research’s remarkable 5+ years of dedication to the American Fisheries Society and receiving the Dedication Award.

The 145th AFS Annual Conference in Portland, OR hosted 114 exhibitors at its Tradeshow. We are pleased to honor 15 recipients out of the 114 exhibitors the 5+ years of dedication to AFS award.

The attached document is a snapshot of the award and of Halltech Aquatic Research during the 2015 AFS Tradeshow.

We intend to publish the attachment on the AFS Fisheries magazine or on the AFS website.

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