Harber Coatings Inc.

Harber Coatings Inc.

Harber Coatings Inc. is a high-tech research & development production company that has been involved in ENC (Electroless Nickel Coating), and ENP (Electroless Nickel Plating) since 2002. With its unique advantage in transferring academic results into industrial applications, Harber has developed a series of coating solution formulas and proprietary processing technologies. Harber`s intellectual properties include InnoGUARD Flakeless ENC, created to meet the demanding needs of clients with corrosion and abrasion issues on industrial parts and tools. InnoGUARD has been successfully used in oil & gas, petrochemicals, paper & paper paste, power generating, steel mill, mining, automotive and marine industries. With the increased importance of equipment reliability and corrosion resistance, ENC is now being considered for more uses than ever before. Our exclusive formulas and competitive pricing gives us a distinct advantage to move forward into many industries.

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6313 - 35 Street SE , Calgary , AB T2C 1N1 Canada

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Harber Coatings Inc. is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with a facility that now offers large scale production capability.  Located in the Calgary Foothills Industrial Park, the new site occupies over 20,000 square feet of production area and boasts some of the largest processing equipment in the world, including 45-feet coating tanks.  This location also includes R & D facilities funded by the National Research Council of Canada and continues to develop innovative technologies.
Harber Coatings Inc. is committed to high calibre operations and the highest quality assurance, supported by its technical strength and outstanding automation capacity.  The company's QA system is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Electroless Nickel Coating (ENC) or Electroless Nickel Plating has over 50 years history, all started from laboratories. To bring such a technology into industrial applications, early researchers/developers had been struggling to study the basic reaction principles, formulas vs. plating rates/qualities, long term stable operation, stable quality thickness build up, standard operation procedures, hardening, bonding, etc.. Worldwide speaking, large amount applications of ENC started to show up in late 1990s, when people were able to generate good/stable quality products in an economic manner, also when environmental protection need put much stricter bans on various electro plating operations.

Even though for very strong corrosion resistant needs, organic and ceramic products have shown their excellence. The shortage of strength and expensive shaping cost have limited them from most applications. ENC – an amorphous mixture of nickel and phosphorous, provides both metal’s strength and excellent corrosion resistance close to organic material. The extra advantage of ENC is that the coating can be hardened at low temperature with no deformation, which is self-lubricating! All these advantages of ENC can not been seen on electro plating (e.g., hard chrome) and immersion coating (e.g., zinc coating) products, the only disadvantage is its cost, which is not that cheap. But compared with the performance it provides, ENC is still very inexpensive.

Current developments of ENC concentrate on the following aspects

  • Better corrosion resistance/wear resistance/bonding study of traditional ENC
  • Industrialized multi-element platings (Ni-P-B, Ni-P-Co, etc.)
  • Composite ENC (Ni/P/PFA, Ni/P/SiC, etc.)
  • Aged ENC solution regeneration