Harmony Enterprises, Inc.

Harmony Enterprises, Inc.

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. is the innovative global solutions provider for the waste handling and recycling industry. Harmony manufactures quality vertical balers, horizontal balers, indoor and outdoor compactors, beverage extraction equipment, and full product destruction machines. Our differentiators, such as rental programs, wireless monitoring, solar options, and customer service software set us apart from the competition. Our world-class customer service center offers 24 hour service throughout the entire United States and Canada. Our warranty and preventive maintenance plans are some of the best in the industry. Visit out website at www.harmony1.com and subscribe to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/HARMONYENTERPRISES. To experience the lowest total cost of ownership, and a true partnership approach, Experience Harmony today!

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704 Main Avenue North , Harmony , MN 55939 USA


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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

The Innovative Global Solutions Provider for Waste Handling and Recycling!

Over 40 years ago Harmony Enterprises saw the need for a better way to deal with the mounting problem of incineration of cardboard at supermarkets. It was this concern for the resulting air pollution that led to the creation of our first Low Profile Baler. We set the standards for the industry and are now the world leader in the design and manufacturing of solid waste equipment. A third-generation family business today, we are honored to contribute to society by producing equipment that protects the environment and ensures a more beautiful world for future generations.

With a manufacturing facility in Harmony, Minnesota, USA, and a European distribution and technical support office in Toulouse, France, Harmony Enterprises prides itself on providing quality products worldwide. Harmony’s key focuses are on quality, customer service, and safety. You will see our commitment to our customers in our punctual distribution, expert technical and sales support, and through products that are designed to last.

How Broad Is Harmony’s Impact On the World?

As you can see by the countries highlighted on this map, Harmony Enterprises is engaged in positive business relationships in all areas of the world. Not only do we have a role in the global economy, we have a relentless desire to ensure that the planet is a better, more sustainable place for generations to come. Our impact is greater than our sales; it is environmental, cultural, and deeply personal.

Our Mission

The mission of Harmony Enterprises, Inc. will be to ensure that our profit and growth goals are met to help us fulfill our vision of being a community-minded employer and a preferred choice of employment in the region.

We will accomplish this by providing creative solutions to help our worldwide customers resolve environmental issues in their business.

Harmony Enterprises will achieve this by designing and manufacturing quality equipment, using unique selling propositions, continuous quality improvements, and providing world-class customer service.

Our Vision

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. is proud to create the highest quality solutions and service to help us earn the trust of customers all over the world.  We provide a True Partnership Approach with our customers and offer them the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Our core values are centered around the “why” we are in business:  Career, Community, and Culture.

Our Company Values

The Beginning

Originally founded in 1962 in Harmony, Minnesota, Harmony Enterprises started their business marketing portable ice fishing shelters and a walking cane that could be made into a folding seat. Later they expanded into canvas tent and roof lifting systems for recreation vehicles and other products for the camping industry.


By 1969, Harmony saw the need to diversify since the RV business was seasonal. Harmony purchased General Polyflex Corporation (GPI) and another small company that lead to the development of a new product – a baler for cardboard boxes. The Low Profile Baler was a great alternative to burning cardboard boxes in an incinerator, which was harmful to the environment.

Demand for Recycling

In 1972, Harmony was manufacturing the baler under the GPI name, to meet the growing demand for retail, industrial and commercial businesses to handle and recycle corrugated cardboard. The demand for balers grew, becoming a more popular method of handling cardboard than the previous method of incineration, which was declining due to environmental impact and legislative changes. Balers are also utilized for baling aluminum cans, plastic containers and other recyclable materials. The quality was immediately recognized, and the balers became a more central focus for the business and demand grew at a steady pace.

Growth & Focus

In the mid-90’s the company went through the largest renovation in the their history and invested in new equipment, new offices, and production area. The sales of Harmony products went global with products in over 25 countries worldwide. The RV products were later discontinued and product lines have since remained focused on the customer demand for recycling and environmental-friendly products, such as the stationary compactors, indoor packers, Smart-Packs, horizontal balers, and more. The GPI name was later discontinued and all products were marketed under Harmony Enterprises.


Today, Harmony Enterprises earns 30% of its business from international sales from over 70 countries. Their sales are from brands big and small, such as Albertsons, Safeway, Walgreen’s, Best Buy, Buffalo Wild Wings, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and more. To continue expansions internationally, Harmony purchased Cypress Environment located in Toulouse France so they can provide top-notch sales and technical support to the European market. This is the first company to be part of the Harmony Europe division of Harmony Enterprises.

At Harmony Enterprises, we take pride in the fact that we are never content to rest on our past successes and achievements.

We continue to develop and test new ways to improve the manufacturing process for our waste management products and bring you a cutting-edge solution you can be satisfied with for years to come.

Professional, Knowledgeable, and Courteous Sales Team

The Sales Team at Harmony Enterprises is dedicated to making sure that your experience is a rewarding one.  It is our mission to guide you to the most efficient solution for your recycling and waste needs.  We have built lasting relationships with our customers based on honesty and integrity.  Let our experienced team assist you with your needs today!

Customer Service: Dedicated to Meet Your Needs

Our worldwide sales and distribution network is customer service focused. We can help meet your needs by helping you identify the equipment best suited for your environment, and provide quality installation assistance, technical support, and rapid part response. In addition to our world-class customer service, Harmony Enterprises offers quality balers, compactors, full product destruction equipment, solar energy options, and wireless monitoring systems as part of your complete solutions package.

  • Customized Baling Systems
  • Conveyor Fed Automatic Recycling Systems
  • Indoor and Outdoor Compactors
  • Apartment Compactors
  • Low Profile Balers
  • Full Product Destruction
  • SunPak solar option
  • Insite Wireless Monitoring Systems

Production: A Quality Minded Group Who Care About What They Do

At Harmony Enterprises, we’re proud of our fine team. The Midwestern work ethic lives here and we are fortunate to have quality employees throughout our entire plant who care about the job at hand. This attitude makes a positive difference in the final outcome of our products. At Harmony Enterprises, we care. Here, quality control is everyone’s business, and everyone knows and practices this mandate. Nothing leaves our door unless the entire team is satisfied with the product’s quality.

Research & Development: Designing Products that Provide Solutions

From the rough idea to the finished product, Harmony Enterprises leaves no stone unturned. Our company is a problem-solving company. First, we find out what is needed by the marketplace. Then, using state-of-the-art CAD technology, we design and engineer a machine that will help create the right solution. This makes for a better product, one that will last and perform for you for years to come.


Harmony Europe

Harmony Europe Staff

Harmony Enterprises acquired Cypress Environment in the Spring of 2011. Harmony Europe is now open in Toulouse, France, to better serve the needs of our European customers in need of quality recycling and waste solutions. We are happy to provide the full line of customized balers and compactors to all of Europe with a direct European presence.

With their vast experience in selling and servicing balers and compactors, the Harmony Europe team has the capabilities to provide better service on a local level. Steve Cremer, President of Harmony Enterprises, explains, “Our staff of technicians in Toulouse will now be able to give ‘European time’ support to our customers.”

Harmony Enterprises’ reputation of quality products and exceptional customer service is spreading across the globe. Mr. Cremer emphasizes, “As in the U.S., our customers know that we not only provide the best solutions to their recycling and waste problems, but we also offer the best customer service in our industry.”